How Scouting America’s National Annual Meeting will impact volunteers, parents (like you) for the next century


As of today, BSA Scouting America’s National Annual Meeting (NAM) is in full swing in Orlando, Fla.

Hundreds of volunteers gather annually to set the tone for the Scouting year, assess the strengths and opportunities in the organization, and propel the movement forward.

If you caught today’s organizational name change announcement, you know this year is no exception in setting our sights on keeping Scouting in step with the youth of today.

“Our number one job is to get kids in this program, one that every kid in America would benefit from,” President and CEO Roger Krone shared with NAM attendees at the opening session of the day. That was the charge that led to today’s headliner announcement: This storied organization is putting its commitment to all youth front and center, even updating its iconic name.

But that’s not all that’s happened in Orlando on this landmark day for Scouting. Read on to learn what’s happened on the first day of NAM.

Together, we have the data and a game plan to serve more youth than ever

Scouting America’s Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing Michael Ramsey and Director of Research Pat Wellen shared the eye-opening data on how families across the country see the organization.

This data behind how we make decisions to evolve our brand arrived after a series of February 2024 focus groups that brought to light:

  • Many families don’t know how to join Scouting.
  • Very few families know girls can join Scouting’s programs.
  • Some families don’t know what sets Scouting America apart from other youth-serving organizations.
  • Families have an overwhelmingly positive view of Scouting. They associate it with camping, outdoors, adventure, leadership, character and earning Eagle Scout.

That last point is crucial for volunteers on the home front planning how to deliver the best experience possible for the youth they serve.

Snag the above video for use in your own council on the Brand Center.

Eagle Scout delivers inspiring address to hundreds of volunteer and professional Scouters

After lunch, NAM attendees heard from Eagle Scout Selby Chipman, a distinguished member of the inaugural class of female Scouts who earned Scouting’s highest rank. We detailed her story a few weeks ago and caught up with her as she stepped off the keynote stage. To hear Selby’s words and see her passion for the movement is to truly see the present and future of Scouting.

Real Scouters share their real NAM experiences

National Annual Meeting, like the Scouting movement, centers on the hard work of youth and volunteers around the country. We caught up with a few young attendees and volunteers to hear about their experiences so far. Take a look and consider if next year’s NAM should be on your agenda.

Understanding how it all comes together

The exhibit hall continues to bustle, thanks to our sponsors who have made everything from the main stage to our program presentations possible. Not to mention, the products showcased are markedly useful to Scouts and Scouters around the country. Check it out (this is not your average exhibit hall lineup):

Stay tuned for more updates from Scouting America’s National Annual Meeting

We’ll be back throughout the next few days right here on the blog and on Scouting’s official social media channels, sharing everything we learn as it happens. Until then!

Lead photo: Tommy Lee, Mecklenburg County Council

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