MODL’s Infinity Tool™ provides countless uses for camp and beyond

Need to tie something down or make a quick fix? Why don’t you use your bracelet – which also functions as a gear strap, adjustable bungee, organizer, clamp and fidget toy?

If you have MODL’s Infinity Tool 2.0 modular straps, you’re good to go complete those tasks and many more.

“We believe the best tools are the ones you have with you,” says Barak Zitron, MODL’s primary designer. “It’s all about using your creativity to solve the problem at-hand.”

Built on ingenuity

Three adventurous friends, Barak Zitron, Zack Leitz and Justin Guld, launched MODL to help the world bring more creativity and collaboration to their adventures. They had always wondered what a flexible multi-tool would look like, and they found their answer in the Infinity Tool, which grew out of the silicone loops on their original product, the MODL Bottle.

After seeing how much gear needed to be secured, how many things can go wrong, and how useful an extra hand can be on an adventure, they designed the Infinity Tool. This modular strap features an adjustable loop and a stainless-steel StudLink, which allows you to easily cinch and secure the strap in place.

“It’s stretchy and grippy,” Zitron says. “Most gear straps are made out of a harder plastic. Unless you have tension, it’ll slip. The Infinity Tool is more accommodating to whatever you’re strapping down. It’s a more well-rounded and adaptable gear strap.”

MODL recently launched an updated version: the Infinity Tool 2.0 (starting at $19 for a two-pack of 8-inch straps and $24 for a two-pack of 16-inch straps). The newest iteration features an upgraded StudLink design, making them easier to use and more secure.

Endless uses

MODL encourages its customers to showcase their ingenuity, sharing the many ways they’ve gotten creative using their Infinity Tools from strapping skis together to hooking a Bluetooth speaker to a bicycle, connecting tubes on the river, carrying firewood to your campsite, and even securing a tablet in an aerobatic airplane.

The straps are super-strong with 70 pounds of pull strength, and every time you wrap them, you multiply its strength. They’re lightweight, too, with the 8-inch version weighing just 18 grams and the 16-inch coming in at 29 grams.

The Infinity Tool is designed to fit on your wrist, so it’s always handy. Working as a bracelet, you can make fashionable choices in color and personalize it with Studs, like Jibbitz in Crocs. The Infinity Tool comes in Black, Neon Orange, Glacier, Lavender, OD Green and Green Glow-in-the-Dark.

When charged for two seconds with the SuperCharger UV light, ,the glow-in-the-dark straps can emit up to 20 minutes of useful light and glow visibly in the dark for six hours. This is helpful if you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, for example, if you attached the GlowTool around your water bottle, you can easily locate it.

The Studs add not only practicality, but also personality to your Infinity Tool. They come in a variety of designs, like HookStuds and StackStuds for practicality and SymbolStuds and SpikeStuds for fashion.

“The best products are both fun and functional,” Zitron says.

You can build your own Infinity Tools on MODL’s website and get 20% off with the code “ScoutsExclusive”. They come in packs of two, four, eight and 16 at 8-inch and 16-inch lengths. You might’ve had the chance to check out the Infinity Tool at the most recent National Jamboree, as the MODL team had a booth in Adventure Central. MODL Infinity Tools will also be available at Trading Posts near you later this year, so stay tuned!

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