Three things we learned from the Cub Scout program update announced on #CubChatLive

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Last Friday’s #CubChatLive made history!

We hosted more viewers than ever as National Cub Scout Committee Chair Audrey Oakes showcased how the program is becoming more fun, simpler and easier.

This Cub Scout program update goes into effect in the 2024-2025 Scouting year (starting in June), and is the product of market research, tens of thousands of leader/parent surveys and the tireless work of the Cub Scout committee.

To see the full lineup of updates, check out the video below. And to hear three of our biggest takeaways, stick with us after the jump.


1. Fun: All ranks complete the Bobcat Adventure first!

Get ready to rethink the Bobcat rank. Now, it’s an Adventure. And instead of using it as a pathway into the Scouting program, visualize it as an intro to every rank in Cub Scouts. Plus, each Bobcat Adventure is unique to a Cub Scout’s age and grounded in character-building value.

2. Simple: Six and two means six required, two elective

That’s exactly how each rank is achieved: earning six required Adventures and two elective Adventures. There are no changeups in structure as Scouts progress, so bringing a new family into your unit’s fold comes with clear expectations. And those are the same expectations that will follow in the next Cub Scout rank.

3. Easy: Cub Scout values are clear and in focus

Each of the six required Adventures is tied to Cub Scouting values. Every rank revisits these values in a format tailored to the developing maturity of your Scouts, preparing them for what’s next and helping them work toward their eventual crossover into Scouts BSA.

Bonus finding: The research shows turning awards into Adventures will bring more focus to important skills!

Get this: About 70% of Cub Scouts complete required Adventures. And 15% to 25% complete elective Adventures (remember, Scouts can choose among a variety of electives so this is a good number). But awards are earned by only 1.5% of participants!

The message? If there’s an important lesson or value for Scouts to tackle, it should be part of an Adventure. That’s why all the awards are now reimagined as Adventures.

What else did you learn from the Cub Scout program update announcement?

While we haven’t highlighted all the updates covered Friday on #CubChatLive, we have to admit something pretty cool about all the changes. These updates are easy to comprehend and feel all-around simple to put into practice for busy leaders and parents.

But what do you think? What are some of your top takeaways from the announcement? Let us know in the comments.

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