Duty to God Breakfast affirms Scouting’s foundations are strong

Scouts at Naval Academy Church

“The BSA’s oath still means something.”

United Methodist Church Bishop Robin Dease followed this statement with a recitation of the Scout Oath. When she reached the line, “… I will do my best to do my duty to God,” the words were enlivened with a fervor that left the early morning Scouting crowd in silent reverence. The day’s tone and the next moves of the organization took shape after hearing these familiar words delivered from a fresh point of view.

“When you wholeheartedly commit to this oath, you can be assured your future is hopeful,” Dease continued.

As the keynote speaker for National Annual Meeting’s (NAM) Duty to God Breakfast, Bishop Dease brought her passion for youth development and experience as the episcopal leader of the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church to a crowd of BSA volunteers and professionals eager to strengthen the movement’s future.

What is the Duty to God Breakfast?

A NAM tradition, the Duty to God Breakfast kicked off a day of meetings with a focus on Scouts’ faithfulness to their religious convictions and respect toward those of others.

The breakfast put Scouts’ skills and poise centerstage as they opened and closed the morning with prayer, which included an invocation led by Abby Baldridge, a Star Scout and senior patrol leader from Troop 5400 in Marietta, Georgia.

“I love leading prayers. It’s just something I really like to do,” Baldridge explained after the event’s conclusion.

Through a range of honors bestowed on Scouts and Scouters who have embodied connection to faith, the session offered inspiration and renewed emphasis on how to recognize standout, reverent volunteers at the council level. For more information on the Council Duty to God Award, stay tuned here as it launches for the 2024 class of Scouters.

What role does Duty to God play in Scouting?

Hear from Dease and Baldridge in the video below to learn how important a foundation in faith is for Scouters and Scouts alike.

More inspiration and plans for a path forward are on deck with tomorrow’s Americanism breakfast. To keep up with that meeting and other NAM stories, check out our YouTube playlist.

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