National Annual Meeting 2023: What it’s all about and how Scouting is moving forward

NAM Guests and Speakers

Why are hundreds of Scouting’s worldwide volunteers and professionals gathered in Atlanta this week?

The excitement brimming from Scouters — some new, and many who haven’t seen each other in person in years — makes the answer clear: The BSA’s National Annual Meeting (NAM) is back for its first face-to-face event since 2019.

NAM began today and will continue through Thursday.

“Isn’t it great to finally be together again?” asked Scott Sorrels, national commissioner for the BSA.

This national gathering of volunteers and key decision-making bodies in the organization is more crucial than ever as it propels Scouting forward. And, as in Sorrels’ address, the event heralds the achievements of heroic, newsworthy, brave and selfless Scouts who have modeled the mission of Scouting for the rest of the world.

Hearing from the BSA’s National Chair Brad Tilden

“I want to thank you all,” said Brad Tilden, national chair of the BSA, as he greeted volunteers for the first time in his new position. “I think our best days are in front of us. We’ve got lots to do.”

While Tilden delivered his speech to NAM attendees at today’s opening event, the message is intended for everyone involved in Scouting.

Tilden continued by discussing some of his most pressing goals for the organization, which included highlighting how Scouting should be aiming to be the leader in youth safety. He also emphasized the importance of improving communication at all levels of Scouting, from local volunteers to national employees.

What else is on the agenda for NAM?

As we head into the rest of the week, NAM will unite attendees in the spirit of Scouting and send them home with ideas to enliven Scouting in their communities.

Through general sessions and elective topics, NAM promises to address several of the movement’s most critical objectives in the coming year:

  • Keeping programs relevant for today’s families.
  • Creating exceptional outdoor experiences.
  • Revitalizing the BSA brand.
  • Acting on research and data from Scouting families.

Attendees will also find endless inspiration through the Americanism and Duty to God breakfasts later this week. More on that later, and bookmark Aaron on Scouting to stay up to date.

Not at NAM? We’ve got you covered

Stay tuned to Aaron on Scouting and the Scouting magazine Facebook page and YouTube channels as we loop you into all of the breaking news coming out of Atlanta this week, such as the announcement Cub Scout packs now have the option of including boys and girls in the same den.

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