Meet your 2023 National Duty to God Award recipients

The 2023 National Duty to God winners

Duty to God has been one of the most important principles of Scouting from the beginning. The National Duty to God Award recognizes adults who help young people better connect with their faith.

Created in 2016, the award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated an exemplary history of transformational leadership in supporting and promoting the spiritual foundation of Scouting. It acknowledges the unswerving dedication to faith, fellowship and national service of those whose character embodies the moral principles and shared ideals of the Boy Scouts of America.

The award can be presented to up to four individuals per year. Click here to learn how to nominate someone.

Here are the 2023 National Duty to God Award recipients.

National Duty to God Award winner Wayne D. StuckeyWayne D. Stuckey

An adult leader in Scouting for 25 years, Stuckey has used his many positions to promote the BSA’s religious emblems program and the idea of Scouting as a solution to engaging young people in their faith. His ability to communicate with people and share the faith that sustains him has given him the opportunity to connect with countless youth and adults alike. His everyday life is a testament to his faith and servant heart.

  • Past president of the National Lutheran Association on Scouting.
  • Member of the BSA National Religious Relationships Committee.
  • Received the Silver Beaver award and Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor.

National Duty to God Award winner Charles W. Dahlquist IICharles W. Dahlquist II

In his nearly 50 years of service to Scouting, Dahlquist has embraced every opportunity to instruct, encourage and support youth. Through his various leadership roles, he has been responsible for the religious training of more than one million young men and women from congregations all over the world. Dahlquist is truly an example of someone who lives the principle of Duty to God as he practices care and concern for others.

  • Past president of the National Executive Board, and past national commissioner.
  • Past Young Men general president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Creator of the Vanguard International Scouting Association.
  • Received the Silver Buffalo and Silver Antelope awards.

National Duty to God Award winner Steven S. ScheidSteven S. Scheid

Scheid’s leadership has transformed the outreach and effectiveness of the United Methodist Church through his heartfelt engagement and faith-driven guidance with local and national Scouting and church constituencies at all levels. He has been an active participant in the BSA bankruptcy, assisting in complex negotiations around settling the liabilities of his church and other faith-based chartering organizations. Scheid has continued to be a powerful and skilled servant of God and a humble leader and teacher.

  • National director of the Office of Scouting Ministries for the United Methodist Church.
  • Member of the National Religious Relationships Committee.
  • Received the God and Service, and Silver Torch awards.

National Duty to God Award winner Amanda L. VogtAmanda L. Vogt

Vogt has become known throughout Scouting for embracing the diversity of all beliefs and leveraging relationships for the betterment of Scouting. During the COVID pandemic, she created a variety of virtual programs to keep youth and adults alike engaged in the religious aspects of Scouting, including the development of a nationwide virtual religious emblem P.R.A.Y. program from which more than 700 youth have earned their religious emblems.

  • Social media and virtual events sub-committee chair of the BSA National Religious Relations Committee. Vogt’s desire to help instill the 12th point of the Scout Law in all Scouts will have a lasting effect in the life of Scouts well into the future.
  • Past BSA National Executive Board member and United Methodist Men’s Executive Board member.
  • Received the Silver Antelope and Silver Torch awards.
  • National virtual P.R.A.Y. classes chair.
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