Take the next step at NYLT Leadership Academy this summer

Scouts are called to stand up as leaders. As they advance in rank, they can be in charge of their unit or they can take another position of responsibility, like the librarian or webmaster. Whatever role they’re in, taking a National Youth Leadership Training course can help Scouts BSA members, Venturers and Sea Scouts learn to be effective leaders.

“I remember when I first arrived at NYLT,” says Eagle Scout Eli Musselwhite, 19, who was with Troop 12 in Auburn, Ala. “I wanted to be a better leader but was really unsure of myself and doubted that I would be successful. Yet, by the end of the week, I was more motivated, confident and capable than I had ever believed I could be.”

That confidence inspired Eli to seek more leadership training. The BSA has more.

He attended the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience and NYLT Leadership Academy.

“My experience in these programs has been critical to my success in all levels of Scouting and beyond,” he says.

Specifically after attending the NYLT Leadership Academy, he decided to serve on staff for three academy courses. Many Scouts and Scouters report similar experiences after attending BSA leadership courses.

Attend the Academy

The academy, established in 2006, trains hundreds of NYLT graduates to teach leadership models and skills to others. Attendees hear from successful leaders and participate in problem-solving panels. These skills will help them train other Scouts and be equipped for leadership opportunities, social situations and future careers.

“Although attending Scout functions helped me learn to talk with others, I never really understood how to use my voice until attending the academy,” says Eagle Scout Emily Mocyk, 19, from girls Troop 1 in Elbridge, N.Y. “Academy helped me foster a love for public speaking, as well as a love for leading myself and others.”

This year, the weeklong academy courses will be held at NorCal Adventure Area in California and the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. The California course will be June 25 to July 1. The Summit will host two courses from July 2 to 8 and July 9-15.

This isn’t a passive course of sitting and listening. Attendees will develop and give five presentations and participate in NYLT activities like geocaching, instructional campfires and instructional interfaith worship services.

“The NYLT Leadership Academy grows their participants in leadership and communication skills while pushing for personal growth and development,” says Stephanie Daniels, the Atlanta Area Council program chief of staff. “It is an extraordinary course.”

Scouts who attend can also work toward earning college credit through the academy’s partnership with West Virginia University.

Find your course

You can still register for this summer’s courses by visiting the NYLT Leadership Academy website. This course is for Scouts BSA members, Sea Scouts and Venturers who have completed their council’s NYLT course.

For more training courses and a whole lot more resources to help your Scout, visit this troop resources page.

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