Tiny Scouts BSA troop stays strong, plus other good news from this week


Troop 41 from Hamilton, Illinois, has just a handful of members. But what they lack in size, they make up for in heart, according to an article in their local paper.

The ambition, drive, humor, heart, and wit these boys showcase are unmatched by any group I’ve met. Once you meet them, they will steal your hearts away and make you realize that, without a doubt, these young men are going to grow up and change the world. They are already changing the world.

When the author of the story visited the troop, they happened to be working on their Collections merit badge.

One Scout is collecting hats. Another is collecting dropped deer antlers. Another is collecting Pokémon cards.  And a fourth is collecting geodes — rocks with crystals inside them.

Their inspiration is their Scoutmaster, who has been collecting parts from the Maytag company for 35 years.

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Eagle Scout candidate rebuilds playground destroyed by fire

There aren’t many playgrounds in tiny Beckville, Texas. When the most popular one was destroyed by a fire — for the second time — Eagle Scout candidate Abram Aguilar knew what had to be done.

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Former Scout unearths history behind his favorite camping spot

Ron Novak has found memories of camping at a special spot with Troop 118 in Detroit back in the 1970s.

Sadly, the camp fell into disuse shortly after he left Scouting. Recently, the man has taken on the massive effort of uncovering its secrets.

Novak said through research he learned Camp Anderson was named for the family who donated the property to the troop. He described the geography of the camp as having an entrance 10 feet east of the Ray Township Park entrance, with a road leading to the Clinton River. He said there was a cabin near the river which included a mess to accommodate 50 people. Although he is unsure when the original cabin was constructed, he said there was a kitchen and a room that would sleep 12 to 15 bunks. He also believes there was an annex that added a barracks to sleep 40 or more bunks.

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Black Warrior Council honors woman who happens to be married to the greatest college football coach of all time

The Black Warriors Council recently honored Terry Saban for her contributions to the community at its recent awards luncheon. The award goes to community leaders who have shown advocacy for youth and leadership.

Terry’s husband, Nick, coaches the local college football team.

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