The Scout Life Job Board is the best way to find Scout camp jobs

Scout camp staffer helps camper with archery at summer camp
Photo by W. Garth Dowling

Scout camp jobs can be some of the most rewarding, character-building, team-bonding experiences anyone can have.

We know this. Our council staff and volunteers know this.

But how do we make sure everyone else knows this?

Introducing the Scout Life Job Board, designed to bring job hunters and Scout camps together to create one (or more!) meaningful summer job experiences.

The benefits of working at a BSA property are many. Most of all, it’s fun, but it also teaches youth skills such as dependability, teamwork, leadership, responsibility and the value of hard work.

I have been to a Scout camp on the final week of the season. I have seen up close the look in the eyes of the staffers who were about to say goodbye to each other.

Trust me: They might have all been ready to go home, but none of them wanted it to end.

I know someone who’d be interested in the Scout Life Job Board. What do I do?

Send them straight to the Scout Life Job Board. No membership is required.

Applicants can search for a job near them, or far away, whatever they prefer.

They can search by keywords, such as “aquatics” or “first aid” or “merit badges” or “ropes course.” They can also search by age and state.

Some job postings will have an email address applicants can use to get more information. Others might feature a link to the council’s own job page

And it’s not just for kids!

Council camps often hire adults and youth older than 15. The BSA’s national high-adventure bases seek adult staff 18 years or older.

Scout camp jobs offer a variety of schedules to fit your availability. While most camps staff up considerably for the summer months, they also need some seasonal staff all-year long.

Councils are adding more and more jobs every day, so if you don’t see an opening near you, bookmark the site and keep checking back.

I represent a council. What do I need to do?

  1. Scout Executives, camp directors, or whoever is in charge of staffing should go to the “Post a Job” page here:
  2. Create your free account. (Please check your junk, spam or clutter folders for your verification email.)
  3. Post either a single listing promoting all of the jobs available at your camp; or create individual posts for each job.
  4. In the “job description” field, make sure you use key words to help Scouts find the right job. Examples would be “lifeguard,” “ranger,” “backpacking,” “horseback riding,” “shooting sports,” etc.
  5. Post the job. That’s it! You’re done!

Why find a Scout camp job?

The only thing as fun and rewarding as attending summer camp as a participant is working at camp as a staffer.

The benefits of working at a BSA camp include:

  • It’s a great work experience to put on a resume;
  • It gives people the opportunity to meet potential future employers — all the adult leaders that come to camp;
  • It gives people the opportunity to become lifelong friends with fellow staff members;
  • It allows Scouts to be a positive influence on others;
  • In addition to a weekly salary, summer camp staffers also usually get room and board.
  • Working at summer camp still allows staffers enough free time to go on vacation with their families or do other fun things during the summer.

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Aaron Derr is the senior editor of Scout Life and Scouting magazines, and also a former Cubmaster and Scouts BSA volunteer.