An inside look at the October 2021 issue of Scout Life magazine

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Let’s take a look at a few of the features in the October 2021 issue:

Up for the Challenge

Georgia Scouts backpacked 55 miles through the backcountry in Yellowstone National Park. While that would’ve been an adventure by itself, they added leadership challenges along the way. Read what those challenges were and where your unit can find more youth leadership training in the October issue.

Animals on the Playing Field

It’s not surprising to see Tigers playing baseball or Lions on the football field, but llamas at the Tour de France? It happened during the 2016 cycling event. Check out other incidents in which animals interrupted professional sports.

“Holy winged nocturnal mammals, Batman!”

Discover the fascinating world of bats in the October issue. Older Scouts can read about the best places around the country to see them.


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