Catch tonight’s webinar for tips on how to get more Scouts in your troop!

The marketing and membership webinar series is bringing you a much-requested topic with some of the most knowledgeable and energetic guest speakers in Scouting.

Tonight (Sept. 30) at 8 p.m. Eastern, gain strategies for growing your troop using well-honed tips that have already brought major success to many units. Join us to learn how to invite more youth to take part in the adventure by registering for the livestream.

What will the Scouts BSA recruiting webinar cover?

Expect to hear how to get new Scouts involved in your troop using the following techniques:

  • NFAs. This stands for “Normal Friend Activities,” and gives meaning to demonstrating Scouting’s value before youth have even joined.
  • Friend Storming. It’s not all that different than brainstorming, but it could mean serious growth for your troop.
  • Plus, hear success stories from girl troops who are hitting the scene in a big way!

How to register for this webinar

Ready to start growing your Scout troop? This is the place to start!

Tune in, ask questions and share with other Scout leaders! You can register now to get a meeting reminder and the webinar link. Just head to our registration page and enter your info.


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