Scouts invent handy way to remember first aid steps

Scouts in girls Troop 606 of Chicago recently reviewed the eight steps of handling an emergency as outlined in the First Aid merit badge pamphlet. As they went over the steps, the girls decided to create a mnemonic device, similar to the one they learned for Leave No Trace principles.

Take a look below at what the Scouts came up with, and see how their memory trick could be handy for your Scouts as well.

‘Handling an emergency’ hand signals

1. Check the Scene

Hold one finger up to your temple and turn your head slowly, taking in the information.

2. Call for Help

Extend your smallest finger and thumb and make a call with your “phone.”

3. Approach Safely

First finger of one hand serves as the “victim” on the “ground,” then two fingers of your other hand “walk” cautiously toward the other finger.

4. Provide Urgent Treatment

Extend two fingers of each hand, cross your hands (almost making a hashtag with your fingers), and do CPR pumping motion with your hands.

5. Protect From Further Injury

Hold up your hand and put it out in a “stop” motion.

6. Treat Every Victim for Shock

Hold up three fingers on each hand on either side of your open mouth, making a shocked “Wow” shape.

7. Make a Thorough Examination

With four fingers on one hand, shield your eyes and look around carefully, then with three fingers of the other hand, cup your ear, listening intently.

8. Plan a Course of Action

Take four fingers from each hand, lace them together, then lean on them as you think deliberately, making your plan.

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