Mr. T shows off his Scouting knowledge, donates to Cub Scouts selling popcorn

He may be famous for his tough-guy TV and movie characters, but Mr. T has a heart of gold.

The star of The A-Team and Rocky III was shopping for groceries on Saturday in Sherman Oaks, Calif., when he encountered some Cub Scouts from Pack 311.

Mr. T stopped to talk to the Cub Scouts for several minutes.

He offered sage advice, gave each of the Cub Scouts a signed Mr. T toy and donated $100 to the pack’s popcorn fundraiser.

“As a Boy Scout, you’ve got to do a good deed every day,” he told the Cub Scouts. “A good Boy Scout will grow up to be a good person.”

Mr. T said he was a Boy Scout in the Bear Patrol. He demonstrated the three-finger Scout Sign and Scout Salute and listed three types of poison to avoid when camping: poison ivy, poison sumac and poison oak. He said Scouting taught him character values, too.

“I was a Boy Scout,” he said. “So I always loved my mother, helped other people and stuff like that. Even though I play a tough guy on TV, deep inside, I’m a nice guy.”

‘A kind and gracious person’

Members of Pack 311 of Valley Village, Calif., were selling popcorn at a Ralphs grocery store when they spotted the famous actor.

Aimee Stern was there with her Cub Scout son Max. Wisely, she took out her phone and starting recording.

“Mr. T was wonderful with the boys,” Stern told me. “He embodied the spirit of a Scout.”

Kara Redmon, another Pack 311 volunteer, was there with her son Kieren.

She said Mr. T “was such a kind and gracious person.”

Watch the video

Thanks to the Western Los Angeles County Council’s Andrew Sisolak for the tip.

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