Ashton Kutcher was a Scout, hiked Philmont and supports BSA efforts to welcome boys and girls

Ashton Kutcher, star of TV and movies and the original social media influencer who in 2009 became the first account to amass 1 million Twitter followers, was a Scout and hiked at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico.

The star of That ’70s Show took to Twitter on Thursday to offer his support for the BSA as the organization welcomes girls and boys into all programs.

“As a kid, Boy Scouts helped shape the persona I am today. I am proud of the shifts that the ‘Scouts’ are making,” Kutcher told his 19.2 million followers.

He then correctly listed all 12 points of the Scout Law, followed by one more: “Inclusive!”

Memories of hiking Philmont

Kutcher didn’t contain his enthusiasm for Scouting to a single tweet.

He added that he felt Scouting would only be strengthened by welcoming girls and boys into Cub Scouts and Scouts.

“There is not one thing I learned as a Scout that would have been diminished by inclusion of all,” he wrote.

“In fact, one of the best experiences I had as a Scout what when we were lead by a woman ranger while hiking Philmont, New Mexico.”

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