Long-standing tradition to continue with president to appear at National Jamboree

You can call it a Jamboree tradition.

Since 1937 — the very first National Jamboree ever held — presidents have stopped by to speak to Jamboree participants.

The tradition is set to continue in 2017. President Donald J. Trump will visit the 2017 National Jamboree. He’s scheduled to speak Monday evening at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve in West Virginia.

Seven of 11 sitting U.S. presidents who were in office at the time of a National Jamboree visited the Jamboree site to give Scouts a memory they won’t forget.

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W. Bush each delivered formal addresses at the quadrennial Scouting celebration.

Add to that appearances by one vice president who later became president (Richard Nixon) and one first lady (Nancy Reagan).

The tradition will continue Monday in a planned speech for Jamboree participants and volunteer staff members. More info, including a schedule and how this affects Monday’s Jamboree programs, will be released soon.


  1. My son was the only from his troop in 2005. He had a blast. The odd thing he was also only one of the scouts from his troop to work at a Scout Camp for over five years.

    • Did you miss the other three presidents who did not attend? Regan, Carter and Ford did not attend a Jamboree. It’s not even a political party issue, as it has been two Democrats and two Republicans.

    • BSA knew 2 months ahead of time President Obama
      would not be able to attend. The facts are that 7 of the
      past 11 presidents attended the Jamboree. Others have
      not been able to attend; are you saying they were jokes, too?
      President Obama hosted BSA events at the White House twice
      prior, and for this Jamboree addressed the Scouts by video.
      Perhaps You were among those there who BOOED during it?

      • A Hispanic scout from our troop was in the contingent that went to the White House to deliver the report to the nation to president Obama. He and Michelle Obama could not have been more gracious and kind to them. And they certainly did not give political messages to those youth.

        The contingent met many other important people on that trip. The scout told me that the highlight of it all for him was a hug from Michelle Obama.

        • I was a Boy Scout growing up and not once did politics ever come up. My BSA; Troop 89 was always cash strapped and received limited community support. This did not factor in what I and the rest of Troop got out of the experience. We never got to go to a Jamboree but we always thought it would be cool to go one. Mr. Trump’s speech is a disgraceful and ugly occurance that should be officially condemned by the BSA fully and immediately. If not, then the BSA is saying that they support Mr. Trump’s behaviour and want to gain a reputation as being a politcal arm of Mr. Trump. Do the terms “Hitler Youth” or “Brown Shirts” mean anything? What Mr. Trump did is something that alt-right groups hope for and applaud. History is repeating itself. Don’t ignore what has happened. Don’t risk being called “Trump Youth”. Until the BSA gets their priorities straight, condemns Mr. Trump’s shameful actions, and enforces what being a Scout is all about I will never support the BSA fund drives. No doubt there will be many whom will respond to this post with shock and anger. So be it. If you are, know that I am not the only one that sees the danger in Mr. Trumps agenda. Keep politics out of Scouting!

    • Bob jones, Obama was a scout and also sent a video message of inspiration. Not the polutical hack job tat Trump did

      • Not that anyone really cares, but Barack Obama was never a part of the Boy Scouts of America; rather, he was a member of Gerakan Pramuka, the Indonesian Scout Association, and he reached the equivalent of Cub Scout.

    • You should be ashamed to bring your politics to this site! Try harder to set a good example of conduct and citizenship.

    • Hosting them at the white house doesn’t count or the taped messages that were sent, I see you missed those relevant info just to be critical.

      • So you agree with #45’s speech? Well, that makes you as stupid as him! BSA knew 2 months before President Obama was scheduled to be somewhere else. He sent a representative from State Department. BTW, a taped video (you should listen to it) does count, other Presidents have done the same. Hosting them at the WH also counts and the Boy Scouts were very excited. Obama and Mrs. Obama also held a big party on the WH Lawn for a group of Girl Scouts! Do your research! Seems like you are showing your racist side!

      • So having scouts visit the White House and him speak one on one with them doesn’t count? What is wrong with you?

    • From the disgusting display exhibited by Trump by his first curse words to Scout’s I knew it was going down hill from there shameful,..but elect a clown . . You get a circus! Smh

    • Ahh. HELL YES! Obama WAS too busy….WORKING AS POTUS, like Trump should be doing. Obama did send a very nicely worded, non-political, age-appropriated video though. And BTW, most modern-day presidents have not attended…..they too were “too busy” working. Trump is a lazy, creepy, Hitler-esque moron whom his #Cult45 Trumptards follow like sheep cuz they are too stupid to think for themselves. Trump only attended becuase he had a captive audience of youngsters who would have cheered regardless….they’re kids…excited to see the President. Trump went for the cheap applause….like an isecure child himself.

    • I know he busy saving the economy and working hard- not taking golfing vacations and holding rally’s to boost his ego. Obama was a scout- he doesn’t need glorification on a daily basis like Trump who was not a scout.

  2. Hmmm, lessee now… trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courteous, kind, Outdoors Code, Citizenship in the Community/Nation/World … Where’s the part about, “You can do whatever you want, they let you do it, just grab ’em by the pussy,” “If I knew you were going to recuse yourself I would have got somebody else,” and, “I don’t like Pinocchios”? Are those at, like, new activity centers? How long were the lines for them? Would the lame stream fake news media lie about the size of those? Is there a place where Scouts could build a transparent wall and make visiting international Scouts pay for it? Enquiring minds want to know. (NSJ Nat’l H&S 1997, 2001, 2005)

    • Are you an inquiring mind? Do you really want to know? Or would we be wasting our breath sharing how our current POTUS was duly courteous and engaging when scouts presented him with BSA’s report to the nation this year?

      Or, would you rather flame stale acrimony to no constructive end?

      • I guess it’s only “stale acrimony” if it’s something you disagree with. For the thousands of the rest of us, your attempt at defending his behavior is outrageous. You’re allowed to like whomever you want, but pretending they can do nothing wrong speaks to a weak personal constitution. No wonder kids are so messed up these days.

        • You guess wrongly. It is stale acrimony because the original poster perceived respect for an office equivalent to “defense of behavior” that had long been hashed over.

          Furthermore, complimenting noble behaviors is not equivalent to awarding ignoble speech.

          Just because you deem someone’s speech as rarely good, it doesn’t follow that others should deem it as always bad. So said the electorate in a majority of states.

          What remains? To determine if censorship of this historic figure helps our scouts. I don’t think it would have.

      • Well he’s always “engaging” but not in a good way. You and others attempt to deflect from the disgusting proselytizing BSA speech, which is another addition to his long list of un-presidential antics is sad and dangerous

    • Ok! Enough! This is definitely not the forum for political infighting! BSA is the finest organization for the young men of our country period! I applaud these young men with Ideals!

  3. Is it really in the spirit of Scouting to hurl political snark at each other? Remember the Scout Law and leave the sniping for your own FaceBook pages, guys.

  4. Fyi.cool people dont go to jamborees.obama would have looked stupid doing a square dance and saying hee haw.watch me being cussed out…lolol

  5. I hope the unfortunate adults making negative, unhelpful comments and/or unkindly feeding in to comments about any US president don’t have children in scouting. Unless you personally knew a president that had to miss this event and they have personally explained the issues at the time on why they couldn’t make a visit, it may be best to take a deep breath and listen more than you speak. Mass media is controlled by money and both sides can try to make a president look bad for many personal agendas. Just be a good example, be friendly and enjoy you children and scouting.
    Shayne M. Gray RN, BSN
    Eagle Scout from 1986

  6. I have children and grandchildren who were/are in Scouting, one at the Jamboree now, I have served at seven Jamborees. These negatve commenters don’t seem to understand the pressures our presidents work under. Nancy Reagan subbed for her husband who had been shot (and it was more serious than the public had been told at the time). George W. Bush arrived and began his speech rather I enthusiastically, but I was in the VIP circle and a sadness in his face clearly. We heard in the circle he had just come from announcing the murder of a Marine Major in Beirut and meeting with some of the family. His speech included mentioning many states and of course that state’s contingent would jump up and cheer. He noticed that and when he was coming to a state name a smile would come to his lips and his eyes would dart about looking the state’s delegation’s reaction.
    It’s not easy to be president.

    • Every Job I ever took-I made very sure I was capable and qualified to do it-and didnt put myself out there as such if I couldnt.

  7. Precisely my point. Too hard for some, perhaps. I stand by my opinion that nobody who has such contempt for truth, women, and the environment and has no qualms about saying so publicly could be considered a role model, nor should we tacitly support that attitude by saying, “Just show respect for the office” when he doesn’t seem able to do so himself at home or abroad.

    • Good scoutmasters help scouts sift the wheat from the chaff in every POTUS’s biography, pointing out what may mesh and what may clash with their communities’ values. There are a lot of good scouters out there.
      Good scouts learn not to put people on pedestals. They learn to be courtesy even to the surly and ill-tempered. There are a lot of good scouts out there.

      The worst thing we can do is shelter good scouts (especially those on the verge of joining our electorate) and scoutmasters from the forces of history.

      • Your comment seems level-headed but I am personally shocked and outraged that any…ANY scout participating in the booing of President Obama. Our current president’s bad behavior should have been dismissed as HIS ignorance- notto be encouraged by adopting the same hateful behavior – that goes against all scouting pledges and oaths.

        • Speaking as a person of color and Eagle Scout, there are a lot of institutions emerging that stand with Trump. Unfortunately, what Trump stands for, at least for many of us, is not a vision of a “melting pot” where people from all over the world converge and band together as citizens to live by powerful ideals of freedom, liberty, justice, and mutual prosperity. For many of us, by his words and actions, he stands for a very different future for our society and world.

          I’m appalled that thousands of scouts have been conditioned to get in on this game. Aren’t we supposed to be teaching scouts how to be leaders in our nation, to treat each other with respect, to look after the weak and those in need? Attacking a former President and cheering it on? You can agree or disagree with Obama’s policies, words or actions, but aren’t scouts supposed to hold former Presidents with some degree of reverence? Or, because Obama is black, all bets are off and the BSA wants to get in on the xenophobic fervor? Will it increase enrollment? Will it make the organization stronger in the minds of some?

          This saddens me more than it angers me. BSA should have been way, way better than this, and we seem to now be teaching scouts that it’s ok to vilify millions of their fellow citizens.

          There have been no shortage incidents that I’ve questioned with the BSA, but this happens to be the final straw for me. Hopefully I can find a good alternative for my family.

        • KDL it’s a big country. And that was a big arena, I’m glad cameras weren’t turned on crowds, but were they, I bet you would see a majority of scouts remaining silent at that point.

          Mark, I wish I could say you were wrong. But, having seen the cringes on some boys’ faces as I made them go around the room and read “Dream” on MLK-day, I agree that there are racial undertones in some of these boys’ behavior. The good news is that by the end of that reading, the boys thought differently about a man a passage they had never read in full. We’ve come a long way to go.

          I wouldn’t use “reverence”, as I think that’s not what any POTUS looks for from his countrymen. But I do agree that loyalty should be extended to past office-holders. And I expect our youth to hold the man currently speaking to them by the same standard.

  8. Tell Trump to stay away….he represents nothing that Scouting does. Trump is a bully, he is a liar, he is a cheat, he disrespects women and the disabled, he does everything for himself, not for the good of others. Trump should stay away.

  9. As troop and pack leaders, we try to hold our boys to the twelve points of the Scout Law as listed below (excerpted from the BoyScoutTrail.com):

    Trustworthy – A scout is trustworthy, not because he is forced to be that way, but because he chooses to be. The reason why the words “On my honor” are so important to a scout is that his honor is the only collateral that he has to offer that ensures he can be trusted. If a scout has no sense of honor, then the Scout Law and Scout Oath lose their meaning and strength. A Scout is Trustworthy.

    Loyal – A scout is loyal to his family, friends, leaders, school, and nation. But most importantly, he is loyal to his beliefs. Loyalty is a character trait that is displayed when the scout believes no one is around, when he believes no one is watching. True loyalty happens when nothing is personally gained. A Scout is Loyal.

    Helpful – From the scout handbook, “A scout is helpful. A scout cares about other people. He willingly volunteers to help others without expecting payment or reward.” A Scout is Helpful.

    Friendly – The Scout Law states that a scout is a friend to all, even to someone that is of poor character.
    To that person, the scout should demonstrate high values of friendship in the hope of turning that person around. A Scout is Friendly.

    Courteous – A scout is courteous. Being courteous is being a gentleman, opening and holding doors open for others or giving up your seat to someone else. Courtesy requires a personal interaction where the value of another person is demonstrated through respect. Many people, hoping to get ahead in life, will be very courteous to people above them in social standing, while at the same time, treat lesser ranked people with disdain. A scout treats all people with equal respect and courtesy. A Scout is Courteous.

    Kind – From the scout handbook, “A scout is kind. A scout knows there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated.” Maintaining a gentle demeanor when provoked and refusing to lower his honor by exchanging insults takes a strong person. A Scout is Kind.

    Obedient – A scout is obedient. He follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and his country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner and not create chaos. A scout with a strong character will obey his conscience in the face of adversity without having blind obedience. A Scout is Obedient.

    Cheerful – From the scout handbook, “A scout is cheerful. A scout looks for the bright side of life. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy.” A spirit of cheerfulness requires strong character and an understanding of life. When a scout realizes that it is completely up to him as to be depressed or cheerful, to be discouraged or resolved, to be cowardly or brave, then he is able to make the choice. Until this happens, he will tend to place blame on others for his feelings and actions. The amount of hardship required to adversely effect a person’s demeanor is a solid test of that person’s depth of character. A Scout is Cheerful.

    Thrifty – From the scout handbook, “A scout is thrifty. A scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property.” A rich person can be thrifty without being a scrooge and a poor person can be thrifty and still share what he has. Desiring something enough to be willing to work for it, and to forego other things for it, gives that thing value and provides an understanding of thrift. If a scout is given everything he needs or wants, then he sees no value in it and has no ownership of it. A Scout is Thrifty.

    Brave – “A scout is brave. A scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.” Bravery is not a lack of fear, but rather the strength to overcome that fear. If there was no fear, then there would be no need for bravery. When fear controls a person, he loses his sense of honor and his gut instinct of self-preservation takes over, causing acts of cowardice. A scout needs to defend the weak, defend the truth, and defend his honor. A Scout is Brave.

    Clean – From the scout handbook, “A scout is clean. A scout keeps his body and mind fit. He chooses the company of those who live by high standards. He keeps his home and community clean.” It is a simple chore to scrub dirt from skin, but a much more difficult task to clean up dirty thoughts, habits, and behaviors. First a feeling of jealousy and mistrust towards someone, then a derogatory comment about them, and soon a person is a fountain of malice spewing forth filth, vulgarity, and hate. A Scout is Clean.

    Reverent – From the scout handbook, “A scout is reverent. A scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others.” As a scout experiences the wonders of the outdoors: stormy weather and calm blue skies, pounding surf and trickling streams, bitter cold and stifling heat, towering trees and barren desert, he experiences the work of God and he comes to terms with his place in the world. Though humans are the dominant beings on our planet, we need to play the role of steward rather than king-tending and caring for our world instead of taking all we can for our own comfort. Reverence fosters joy and a cheerful heart, and the ability to appreciate and care for the good in life. A Scout is Reverent.

    I wish that the people who are shoved in front of 40,000 of our young and soon-to-be-leaders and held up to be someone who they should strive to become were vetted to these same guiding principals.

    Jewel Kirkland

    • I’d say a number of scouts, their scout masters, and the BSA flunked a number of these at the Jamboree. Maybe it’s time to rethink the program.

    • BSA and by extension this comment section -bought politics into scouting when they invited a man they KNEW would do this or at the least didnt ask him not to-if they did ask him not to-then they need to salvage some honor here and say so. But no It wasnt us who brought politics here. …The examples of men who speak to our Scouts and youth IT MATTERS.

    • Your own organisation caused this. You grow up; behave like a scout and act! Make this world a better place than you found it…..

  10. When I was were there in 2013 and saw the security in a time of fear of potential terrorist acts, I figured the Secret Service were having heart attacks at the thought of the POTUS appearing on that stage. It was obvious that a lot of planning and security was going on. When someone from homeland Security comes to the K2BSA tent to talk to us about our hidden transmitter’s and orienteering flag placement. Remember the black helicopters?

  11. When faced with the desire to censor the addresses to our youth, of public figures with any checkered past or unflattering policies in the present, I ask myself two questions:

    How is our nation helped by denying our future electorate such encounters with public servants?
    How can public servants be informed if they do not hear from our first class youth?

    I have yet to find any way in which the capability of our youth or the well-being of our country would be improved by such censorship.

    The time to act on these encounters begins years in advance, when one chooses to campaign (or not) for their candidate. I would suggest that, if an encounter like today concerns you greatly, you might do well to remind your fellow voters that who they elect will, among other things, be designated Honorary President of the Boy Scouts of America.

    • Listening to it is one thing. Booing and showing disrespect to a former POTUS is another. I’d hardly call the scouts who attended “first class youth”

      • You are painting with an unfairly large brush. Reports from on the ground indicate that such scouts were few.

        Would you deny the vast majority of respectful youth for the behavior of a few?

        To be fair to those few, they were brought up in scouting when some states made legal actions against their organization to force change in membership policy. Their POTUS at the time did nothing to deter it.

        • They weren’t “forcing changes in membership policy”. They were making sure that, _if_ the BSA was going to continue benefiting from public funds, they accommodated the public without discrimination. If they wished to continue their same membership policy, no one would force them to change – but then they could no longer benefit from public funds. That’s hardly the unreasonable thing you’re attempting to paint it as being.

    • This only makes sense if the youth is allowed to express their opinion to the POTUS as well and this wasn’t the case. It was as usual with Donald Trump: one way communication in which he gets to call the shots. The only thing BSA can do now is to include a program activity that addresses this despicable behaviour of Donald Trump and let them learn from it. Including making Trump’s cabinet ‘scouts’ accountable for their boss’ actions.

  12. I am truly disappointed that the BSA has invited someone who is diametrically opposed to the ideals of scouting to speak at the national Jamboree. I asked myself during the election how both major candidates fared when held up to Scouting’s ideals. Both failed miserably. I think it is time we moved past holding out politicians as people to emulate. If you want true public servants who have higher values, look to law enforcement, fire fighters, enginerrs, astronauts, teachrrs, doctors, nurses, social workers, youth volunteers, and people who can see beyond the end of their egos, and are more interested in the well being of others than their own careers and legacies. I would be happy to see my children and Scouts emulate true public servants, but certainly not politicians.

  13. Having been a Boy Scout for many years, I still value the lessons learned and camaraderie. I was sick to my stomach as I watched a Fake News Video of Trump addressing and inappropriately politicizing within his speech to thousands of young men at the Jamboree. Oh the Fake News Video comment, every time he opens his mouth and most of the words that come out of his mouth are Fake. To imply that the crowd size was some how related to support for his policies is shameful.

  14. The comments are not all setting a good example of the 12 points of the Scout Law; this is not the appropriate forum for partisan bickering by ANYONE. The children are watching…..

    • Trump’s despicable character is not a partisan issue. It’s a human decency issue. And yes, the children are watching.

  15. If you recall, President Obama didn’t attend because BSA was involved in a gay discrimination controversy and still banned gays as Scout leaders. Obama was a Boy Scout as a kid. So was I and I later became a Scout Master.

  16. Tradition is one thing, but Donald Trump, who bragged of sexually assaulting women on video tape, should never have been allowed to address the Boy Scouts. His speech was totally inappropriate. Use your common sense folks. He’s been dis-invited to other events. Hitler Youth came to mind when I saw this. It’s just not right. Actually quite chilling.

    • Not only did Trump remind me of Hitler addressing the Hitler Youth; it reminded me of Chairman Mao waving his little red book in front of crowds of young Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution. Young, impressionable scouts should not be manipulated by a political leader. The only way to prevent this is to change the policy where Presidents are made Honorary Presidents of the Boy Scouts and to not invite them to speak at the National Scout Jamboree. The nation and the world is watching and judging. The Boy Scouts organization could lose funds over an issue like this. I care greatly for the scouting program and that is why I bother to make this criticism.

  17. Im disgusted that BSA allowed this to be turned into a Political rally for Trump-disgusted. The very same BSA that when one of my Eagles received a award from a Senator-was INSISTENT -very INSISTENT and adamant that he not appear to support any candidate or political party or become involved in political matters in a uniform..but here you’ve allowed a National Jamboree to become a political youth rally. I think its clear BSA leadership could look at his History and see he was going to do it …and to be honest he should have been shut off long before it got as far as it did. He should have been advised before* this speech that it was not about him, his campaign, his platform, his “victory” over Clinton, -and its far from respectful and in keeping with Scout oath and law to cheer at the denigration of a previous POTUS . his isnt partisan bickering its being disgusted that BSA allowed and facilitated a Trump rally at the national Jamboree-BTW, President Obama facilitated several Scouting platforms during his tenure -and at least no matter what you think of his politics they weren’t self serving rants about elections and rallies-but instead were events furthering the charitable ideas of scouting. SHAME ON YOU BSA>

    • I believe that the BSA did not invite the POTUS to have a political rally, but they invited him because he is sitting president/honorary BSA president.

  18. I am absolutely appalled that you would allow Donald Trump to speak to this group of scouts. This man has no respect for the office of the presidency and you should realize by now that anything he has to say would be vile. His speech was totally disrespectful. Booing President Obama?? Was this a rally? Do you actually think that this behavior is ok? You all make me sick!

  19. I want to call out Mike Surbaugh, BSA Chief Scout Executive and also Randall Stephenson, BSA National President and CEO of AT&T. MY GOD! You two just allowed “Hitler” to speak to 40,000 of our young, soon-to-be-leaders at a National Jamboree. A National Boy Scout Jamboree. Trump should NEVER have been allowed to use this Jamboree as a political rally for health care, as a platform to politically indoctrinate these kids with hate…not appropriate subjects and should have been beneath the dignity of any president. Mr Surbaugh and Mr Stephenson, please read the below paragraph about bravery and try to absorb some of it.

    Brave – “A scout is brave. A scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him.” Bravery is not a lack of fear, but rather the strength to overcome that fear. If there was no fear, then there would be no need for bravery. When fear controls a person, he loses his sense of honor and his gut instinct of self-preservation takes over, causing acts of cowardice. A scout needs to defend the weak, defend the truth, and defend his honor. A Scout is Brave.

    Given Trump’s prior examples of his poor dignity and lack of truth and honor, maybe in all honesty you really didn’t see this coming. But why the hell did you not defend the truth and put a stop to this after his first few remarks??? WHY? Allowing Trump to coerce the Scouts into booing President Obama – a good way to teach values and respect, don’t you think? The boys really can’t be held responsible for this action – after all Trump was put in front of them and told they should look up to and admire him. Nice going you two!!

    Jewel Kirkland

    • VERY VERY well said. This should not have been a political rally, or a platform to bully congress members to his way of thinking.

    • Very well said and I would go further: if these ‘scouts’ have honor, they should resign and take responsibility for their mistakes!

  20. Shame on you BSA to invite a most despicable person named Trump that exhibits none of the Boy Scout values to influence your boys. You let your platform, your ideals and your values be “trumped”.

  21. What a disaster – please DO NOT invite this unhinged narcissist to speak to the 2019 World Jamboree. You saw what happened tonight. Do you really think it will be any different in two years?

  22. >>>
    After the totally inappropriate political speech made by trump today, the booing of a former president and the cheering of lies by the leaders and scouts in attendance , we will No longer support the Boy Scouts of America in anyway.
    I was a cub scout, a boy scout and an explorer scout with the Eagle Scout award with bronze palm and the God and Country award, and the behavior of the scout leaders and scouts today was NOT in keeping with anything that the BSA stood for during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

  23. ‘Triumph Of The Will’ – you should all be thoroughly ashamed. Public apology/explanation needed quickly from the BSA (at the very least).

  24. I am very disappointed in this organization. By not publicly condemning the booing of a former president, you are condoning that behavior.

  25. As a former den mother who raised two sons with good core values – honesty, kindness, respect for others – who are now raising their own children, I was appalled that the BSA let this man on the stage!

    Trump stands, nor believes, I fear, none of the tenets of scouting. How he was allowed to have a political rally with an audience of children and young men, impressionable young men, is beyond my comprehension. The BSA leadership, and I use the term loosely, should be held accountable for this transgression upon our children. You have lost what little respect I had for your organization. You really blew it. Leads me to believe that you’re in the same page with this morally bankrupt charlatan called President.

  26. SHAMFULL to subject the boys and young men to a man who is obviously not in his right mind. Do we want another Third Reich??

  27. trump’s speech was shameful and below the standards of every scout in attendance! Who ever thought a speech from trump was a good idea is crazy! He is such a bad example of a human being. I can not believe no one realized such a mammoth mistake! He humiliated the entire BSA organization! The BSA should be apologizing profusely! trump such an embarrassment!

  28. Since when have boy scouts been allowed to wear their uniforms to political rallies. This rally should not have been held on BSA property.

    To hear President Trump ask our scouts to boo a former President was against all scouting principles! I have never been embarrassed in my life to be an Eagle Scout until I heard those boys booing a former President. If the honorary president of the BSA can’t abide by the Scout Laws, we need to abolish the post.

    • Contrast McCain’s response when on the campaign trail, to those at one of his rallies who booed at the mention of President Obama. No, he said, none of that, he’s an honorable man. I realize that expecting classy behavior from Trump is not reasonable, but I agree with the comment that perhaps BSA leadership ought to seriously rethink his honorary leadership position in our organization based on his obvious character flaws. He does us –and our youth– no service and confers on us no honor.

  29. Trump’s speech to the Jamboree went way, way over the line into partisan politics. It’s hard to imagine any other President, of either party, talking to Boys Scouts like this. I’ve spent years volunteering for my son’s troop, and this makes me ashamed.

    BSA’s statement following Trump’s speech said that BSA is a nonpartisan group that always invites the President to the Jamboree. That just doesn’t cut it. The BSA stopped far short of any actual apology or disavowal of Trump’s divisive political remarks, basically saying just “hey, don’t blame us,” without even saying anything was wrong. By refusing to disavow Trump’s inappropriate remarks, BSA is silently accepting them. Not one more dollar to Friends of Scouting until the BSA puts out a stronger statement specifically critical of Trump’s remarks! BSA needs to be above politics, and they need to say so now, loud and clear.

  30. I feel that the BSA should issue a statement in regards to its core values and that it is not the policy of the boy scouts to insult or disrespect anyone. While I am sure some people will encourage this kind of behavior, it is not acceptable.

    • Actually, before the show, instructions were disseminated to be respectful and refrain from divisive chants. The vast majority complied.


        • I think you are correct. A private letter to BHO would be something I would want these boys to write. Not merely to say “I’m sorry.” But to explain why they felt compelled to do so.

          Of course, if their Jamboree SM guides them in that direction, you and I would never hear about it. I’m okay with that.

          I certainly do plan on talking to the scouts I know about how they reacted, and how they felt about the whole thing.

      • The instructions were inadequate and a very poor excuse for allowing a President, who is under investigation for colluding with Russians to over throw our democratic election, to speak. Where is the leadership here? Scouting is about training kids to become leaders. The top scout leadership totally failed the scouts and scout community.

  31. As the mother of a Boy Scout I am appalled this president was invited to speak at the National Jamboree. Exposing 30,000 young and impressionable Scouts to cries of Fake news, self aggrandizement, partisan politics and the booing of a previous President is beneath what BSA should stand for and tolerate. A tradition is only a good tradition as long as it has value. The choice BSA faces is to stop this tradition or lose its credibility.

    “The Scout Oath and Law help instill the values of good conduct, respect for others, and honesty.”

    With his actions and his words as our elected leader, President Trump represents a total lack of moral character and honesty, and a total lack of respect for those surrounding him.

    BSA needs to decide what it really stands for and make “new” traditions accordingly. Hypocrisy of this magnitude will not do.

  32. I was a Boy Scout and Troop leader and have supported scouting for 40 years. No more. That despicable display of arrogance and avarice was sickening. Never before have I been ashamed to be a associated with BSA. Trump is the antithesis of everything the BSA stands for. What a shame and what a disgrace for all.

  33. This doesn’t bode well for the next world Jamboree, jointly hosted by Mexico, Canada and the US! BSA should have known better! Shame on you BSA! This president you have is only a great example of the lack of MENTAL healthcare available in the US

  34. Are you now the Brown Shirts of America? After tRump’s speech and the organizations defense of it, it sure seems like it. When will you start issuing swastika armbands and have merit badges for killing people of color? Shame on the BSA for inviting this nazi to speak at your event.

  35. Sorry, I’ll be pulling my son out of scouts and finding another organization. I’m saddened by this and sad for my son but with the BSA behaving as little more than a fascist organization I can’t.

  36. I am disgusted with the speech given by the President at the Jamboree. It was an dictator speech to a brow shirt gathering my father was an Eagle Scout and would roll over in his grave. My sons are done with scouting as of today.

  37. If the Scouts do not issue a stronger statement disavowing Trump’s shameless Hitler Youth address I am seriously considering pulling my son from scouting. It was an absolutely indefensible display of politicking and propaganda in the least appropriate setting. When “boos” were made at a former president, that was the last straw for me. Who is going to get our current president to understand that his behavior is wrong and embarrassing g?

  38. As a former proud member of the Boy Scouts, I have to agree with nearly everything everyone else here has said. This speech went against everything the scouts stand for. But, I’d like to point something out and ask a question: Trump *used* the Boy Scouts for his own political purposes. While we can argue that that should never have been allowed, even from the President, the question should be: What do we do about it now?

    I believe the BSA should take advantage of this as a learning opportunity. This is a chance for scouts to learn how the principles they’ve memorized apply in the real world. The BSA can show the specific instances where this speech differed from what we believe and teach the scouts to be able to recognize such behavior in the future.

    Hopefully, we’ll be raising a generation that is aware without being cynical, and can discern when a person does not strive to keep our values.

    Perhaps one of the 40,000 scouts who heard that atrocious speech will someday become President of the United States. What will he have learned from it? I hope we’ll have prepared him so that he can come to the jamboree and demonstrate in word and deed the true spirit of scouting.

  39. The speech given by Trump was very very inappropriate by any measure. The man’s personal behavior nor do his values represent what being a Boy Scout stands for. The statement put out by the BSA is woefully inadequate and an embarassment. Where is your courage, your morality in denouncing the behavior Trump exhibited?
    It is NOT acceptable that our youth was exposed to the vitriol and the self aggrandizement by Trump. It is NOT acceptable for our youth to be encouraged to boo a former President.

    The BSA should lose their tax exempt status.

  40. Trumps speech was totally inappropriate for scouting.
    His crude stories, crowing over his election and insulting President Obama is beyond the pale.
    NO previous President has acted or spoken this way,NONE, regardless of politics or Politics or Party, it’s denigrated the Scouts to a campaign rally..
    Look at your own handbook Boy Scouts, then tell me Trump acted accordingly.
    Since the BSA is apparently approving of this right wing POLITICAL performance, I can no longer support you in any way.
    This whole thing is appalling and vile,

  41. Did Trump speech writers know Boy Scouts are generally between 11 and 18 years old? Did they know the 40,000 people essentially had to attend the event? Why was Trump talking about crowd size? Why was Trump talking about the election night map? These children had homework to do and then go to bed before school the next day. Find a speaker that can say something meaningful and encouraging to teenagers.

  42. So, the dust may have settled on the arena grass. But here we have various calls to action.
    Withholding funds or withdrawing membership have been suggested as policies. That comes with two problems, for those donors lost, there will likely be others in opposite camp who will increase their contributions. Theirs will be the names recognized as friends of scouts. As one side withdraws membership, the remaining membership becomes polarized in the opposite direction.
    If I were POTUS, I would not give much care about statements from BSA leadership. So a denunciation from BSA national would not improve the tone of DJT’s speech. It may worsen it.
    Who might bend his ear? The scouts who heard his speech. So, my suggestion:
    Get to know those boys.
    Find out what they thought was appropriate inappropriate and in-between. Encourage them write a letter to the White House respectfully making clear what they wished the president wouldn’t have said, what the wished he would have said, and what they are hoping to do about it in the future. Help them out it in the mail. (That last step may be unfamiliar to them these days.)

    I dare us to give our scouts a little credit, and some time to reflect, and see what they make of it.

    • It was a lack of leadership and responsibility by the adults in the Boy Scouts of America, to allow this speech. The adults need to fix it. Don’t drag the kids into it.

      • On the contrary, it is the utmost in leadership and responsibility to give our up-and-coming electorate a full view of our public figures.

        The last thing I need is BSA national censoring a POTUS for the sake of a scout in my troop who is growing up strong and good. We have one there this year. When he gets home, we’ll have after action review.

        I’ll let him know that strangers on the internet think his morals have been corrupted.

        If he admits to unseemly behavior, I’m sure his mom will agree with requiring him to write an apology to any aggrieved party.

        If he thinks there is something we should ask of national, I assure you, we’ll have the boys in the troop think about how things should be handled and help them submit their request through appropriate channels.

        I expect that some other leader on the other side of the country might do things differently. It’s a big country, I’m fine with that. But like me, the last thing he will want is some patronizing pronouncement from BSA HQ.

        Neither he nor I will be dragging kids “into” anything. We will be asking the voters of the future to do right and lead their country.
        Maybe that’s where you and I part ways.
        I believe in our youth.

  43. As an Eagle Scout and the father of an Eagle Scout; as an adult leader and Scoutmaster of my son’s Scout Troop, who also served as Assistant Scoutmaster, twice, for our counsel contingent to attend the National Jambo at A.P. Hill military reservation; and finally who served as a Wood Badge counselor, I was thoroughly disgusted by the Trumpster’s attempt to give a Nuremberg style Youth Rally Political Propaganda speech before the flower of America’s youth. The Donald was never a scout and you can certainly tell it. He has shown no respect for the high ideals of the Scout Law or the Scout Oath that I learned and took to my heart The experience of Scouting made me the man I became growing into my adulthood,. If the leadership of National BSA were not so concerned with the government approval of the merger of AT&T and Time Warner, they might have given more than the “Milk Toast” excuse for allowing POTUS to conduct the Trumpster Youth rally at the expense of the National Jamboree. SAD!

  44. As a former cub scout leader and mother of an Eagle Scout and a Senior Patrol Leader who took his group to win awards at camp, I am well aware of the Boy Scout program. However, the recent presidential visit and words spoken to scouts and leaders was appalling. The official response by BSA was worse. What is BSA trying to do, become political!

  45. Parents should not pull their children out of scouting just because of President Trump’s speech.
    Not all of his speech was political. This is my forty first year in scouting. And I’m still loving it. And I’m not leaving for a long time to come.

    • It wasn’t the scouts fault, but it is sad they were exposed to the ranting. Unfortunately this is the new norm and they will experience this again somewhere down the road. A lot of the scouts were probably on their phones anyway and never heard a word! : )

  46. I find all of this rhetoric on both sides to be disturbing… President Trumps speech is exactly what I would expect from him… I believe the scouts can form their own opinions regarding our world and politics and they don’t need a bunch of jaded people telling them how to think. The vast majority of scouts at this jamboree will grow up to be fine upstanding citizens of this nation with or without your comments. So, my advice to those of you on the far left and far right. GROW UP!

    Regardless of the content of his speech…. it’s an honor for a President of the United States of America to attend the National Boy Scout Jamboree…. he also brought three high-ranking officials with him as well.

    Stop with the attacks on the BSA calling the youth Brown-shirts. The vast majority of the boys have performed many hours of community service and or have taking part in projects that enhance their communities. You should all be ashamed of yourselves using this forum as a political forum. Your doing the same thing you accused President Trump of; using the BSA podium to advance you agenda. Stop embarrassing yourself. Trumps words were just that…words

  47. For those who have suggested that President Obama never addressed the National Jamboree, you’re mistaken. He addressed the 2010 Jamboree by video tape on the Boy Scout’s 100 Anniversary.

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