A complete history of presidential visits at National Jamborees

Visits from the president are a Jamboree tradition.

Seven of 11 sitting U.S. presidents who were in office at the time of a National Jamboree showed up in person to address giant crowds of Scouts.

It’s a tradition that dates back to the very first Jamboree. President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the 1937 National Jamboree in grand style. He posed for photographs, awarded an Eagle badge and had his touring car swarmed by well-wishing Scouts.

Since then, many sitting presidents have stopped by the National Jamboree, arriving by car, train or helicopter to meet Scouts and share their thoughts about Scouting.

Here are those stories.

1937 National Jamboree: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Roosevelt was fully prepared to visit the 1935 National Jamboree, but it was canceled because of a polio outbreak.

“The best-laid plans,” Roosevelt said in a radio address on what would’ve been the Jamboree’s first day, “sometimes go awry.”

Two years later, Roosevelt made up for lost time.

He took 12 Eagle Scouts to the MLB All-Star Game. He visited Scouts from Duchess County, N.Y., who had constructed a large replica of the Roosevelt family’s Hyde Park home. He spoke with leaders, examined handicrafts and posed for countless photos.

As he drove away, Scouts swarmed his car for one last look.

1950 National Jamboree: Harry S. Truman

President Truman addressed nearly 50,000 Scouts at 9:05 a.m. on June 30, 1950, at Valley Forge, Pa.

Fresh off World War II, with the country’s wounds still healing, Truman challenged Scouts to continue that march toward world peace.

Living and camping and understanding people from other countries, he said, “is the first step toward settling world problems in a spirit of give and take, instead of fighting about them.”

Read Truman’s complete remarks here.

1953 National Jamboree: Dwight D. Eisenhower (by video) and Richard Nixon

President Eisenhower wasn’t able to visit the 1953 Jamboree in Irvine Ranch, Calif., but he did record a video address for Scouts to watch on the last night.

“Of course, the Boy Scout movement continues to make progress,” he said. “It yearly enriches our nation, and contributes generously to the economic, physical and spiritual resources of the country.”

Read text of the address here.

Also during the seven-day event, Vice President Richard Nixon ate pancakes with his hometown troop and addressed Scouts at an afternoon convocation.

1957 National Jamboree: Nixon

The Jamboree moved back to Valley Forge in 1957, and Eisenhower again was unable to visit, this time because he was ill.

Vice President Nixon stepped in to address the Scouts once more. This time, Nixon was mistakenly introduced as President Nixon. The crowd murmured for a few moments before Nixon announced that he was merely pinch hitting for Eisenhower — not replacing him.

Later in the Jamboree, Nixon ate dinner with a troop from California.

1960 National Jamboree: Eisenhower

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the BSA, the 1960 National Jamboree welcomed more than 50,000 Scouts to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

It also welcomed Eisenhower, who spoke to Scouts before an impressive fireworks show closed the night.

1964 National Jamboree: Lyndon B. Johnson

On July 23, 1964, at Valley Forge, President Johnson challenged Scouts to remember that the future of the country is in their hands.

“In 50 years there will be 400 million Americans instead of 190 million Americans,” he said, overestimating by about 81 million. “Man will have reached into outer space and probed the inner secrets of human life. And some of you will take those journeys.”

Read the full text of his speech here.

1985 National Jamboree: First Lady Nancy Reagan

Reagan had been scheduled to appear to deliver remarks, but he was still recovering from cancer surgery. His wife, Nancy, appeared instead.

Nancy Reagan, speaking at the closing show, told the Scouts that they are “what is most positive about America’s young people today.”

But using drugs, she said, can derail a young person’s life.

“No one can use drugs and remain a true Boy Scout,” she said. “Drug-free is the best way and the only way to live. Boy Scouts can help save their generation from drugs.”

1989 National Jamboree: George H.W. Bush

President Bush spoke at 10:44 a.m. on Aug. 7, 1989, at Fort A.P. Hill, Va.

After flying in on the Marine One helicopter, Bush praised Scouting’s role in battling “the five unacceptables: illiteracy, unemployment, child abuse, drug abuse and hunger.”

On confronting America’s drug problem, Bush congratulated the BSA for assuming a leadership role in the fight.

“You are teaching self-protection strategies against drugs and other dangers, and you’ve circulated these strategies in direct language in a very successful pamphlet called ‘Drugs: A Deadly Game,'” he said.

Read the full text of his speech here.

1997 National Jamboree: Clinton

Clinton spoke at 8:05 p.m. July 30, 1997, at Fort A.P. Hill.

He began by discussing his time in Scouting as a Cub Scout in Hot Springs, Ark. He was a member of Pack 1, which met at Ramble Elementary School, part of the Ouachita Area Council, he said. (The council is now known as the Quapaw Area Council.)

Next, he challenged Scouts to continue their tradition of service and Good Turns for others.

“All of you here, each in your own way, are future leaders of this country,” he said. “When you return home from the jamboree, please encourage your classmates and your friends to join you in committing to community service.”

Read the full text of the speech here.

2001 National Jamboree: George W. Bush (by video)

President Bush was scheduled to appear in person, but approaching thunderstorms forced him to cancel. He sent a video message, aired on July 30, 2001, instead.

In those remarks, which you can read here, Bush praised Scoutmasters “who set a good example and help Scouts learn the values that give direction to their lives.”

2005 National Jamboree: Bush

After another weather-related delay pushed back his scheduled appearance date, Bush finally made it to the Jamboree. He spoke at 7:19 p.m. on July 31, 2005, at Fort A.P. Hill.

Bush shared how Scouts, by following the Scout Law, can rise above the negativity of the world.

“In the years ahead you will find that indifferent or cynical people accomplish little that makes them proud,” he said. “You’ll find that confronting injustice and evil requires a vision of goodness and truth. You’ll find that many in your community, especially those younger than you, look to you as an example of conduct and leadership.”

Read the full text of the speech here, or watch below.

2010 National Jamboree: Barack Obama (by video)

President Obama was unable to appear in person, but he did share a taped message that aired during a stage show on July 31.

He began by congratulating the BSA on its 100th anniversary.

“For a century, Scouts just like you served your communities and your nation in ways both large and small,” he said. “Today, Scouts across the country continue the tradition of collecting food for those in need, improving our neighborhoods and reaching out to those less fortunate.”

Watch the remarks in full below.

1953 Nixon photo courtesy Orange County Archives


  1. I am so thrilled that scouts this year will have the opportunity to see and hear President Trump. Regardless of personal opinion, Pres. Trump is our nation’s leader and deserves respect for the position he holds. What greater place than National Jamboree to experience this and demonstrate the values, understanding and character Boy Scouts of America upholds.

    • Trump deserves NO respect. He doesn’t deserve to be president of the United States; he’s an embarrassment to this country and all of its values and the values set forth by the Boy Scouts of America.

      • I suppose the issue is if you think simply “Being the president” is enough, of if quotes boasting of sexual assualt, stamping one’s name on a fraudulent univeristy, racebating/fearmongering, and being considerered by independent fact check groups as the most dishonest president recorded is potentially a reason for the Scouts to stay clear.

      • He had no right to turn the Jamboree into a campaign rally. He needs to get out of the past. We all know he won, unfortunately. To turn a yearly celebration into a what appears to be a Hitler type rally is disgusting. And as for President Obama, when he was invited in 2010, unfortunately he was busy with running our country and he sent a video message. Trump is a waste of oxygen

        • One thing Trump was right about is that the election was rigged. So many governors and state legislatures are engaging in blatant gerrymandering and ever more innovative ways of keeping the “wrong” people from voting, that our elections are a fraud. Not only did Trump lose the popular vote, he would have resounding lost the Electoral College vote as well, if everyone entitled to register and vote had been allowed to.

    • Nice that Trump used the occasion to curse and hold a political rally. Pure class from the Boy Scouts who booed President Obama – way to teach values and respect Boy Scouts.

        • No Frank, if that had been the case he would have said, riot in the streets if you don’t get your way (like your candidate not being elected) Riot and demonstrate causing bodily harm to those who speak in ways you don’t agree with. Stop individuals from speaking on college campuses because they don’t agree with your agenda.. Now Frank if he had said that he would indeed been like a Hitler msg but Frank that kind of message only comes from the left.

        • Please don’t equate the BSA who’s mission is to build young people into leaders based on the the Scout Oath and Law. With the ideology of a superior race based on hatred.

        • No Dallas, Hitler never told the Hitler youth to riot in the streets and neither did Hillary. Are you really going to defend the speech Trump gave yesterday? Really? Is there no shame for you people? No thing he can do or say that finally embarrasses you?

        • To Dallas P. Williams: Riots in the streets? That hasn’t happened yet, but the incitement and encouragement of violence — everyone on the planet saw and heard it — by Trump at his rallies is headed in that direction. And that is also encouraged by defending him despite that and his constant lying.

    • Nice speech trashing a former President and a former Presidential candidate. In effect it was a political indoctrination speech of which the Hitler Youth would have been proud of.
      Shame on you all.

      • I know this is tasteless, but all I could think of as he addressed the boys that way was how enamored he was of the 40,000 brownshirts. I’m embarassed (disappointed and concerned), too.

      • I hope he indoctrinates no one else into his “Me-me-me” philosophy, quite the antithesis of the 12 points of the Scout Law. We need no “Trumpjungend” this generation.

        • It is dishonest to honor the dishonorable. It is a violation of the Scout’s oath. It is also dishonest — and disreputable — to name-call and smear the alleged “Left” based upon the Right-Wing’s white supremacism.

          One would think that Scout leaders would teach their charges never to praise lying. NEVER to attribute “honor” to a person who is inarguably, undeniably, a constant liar, as is Trump.

          Smearing the “Left” in effort to defend that degeneracy spits in the face of the Scout’s oath.

      • Nobody “got” boys to do anything. If anything, they were discouraged from divisive changes in writing prior to the show. What was done more likely reflects the deep seated emotions of families toward special interests who brought suit against their organization.

        • The President set the tone. Most likely many of the boys in attendance were showing political attitudes that were a reflection of their homes.

          President Donald Trump started his speech in front of a huge crowd of Boy Scouts at a national jamboree Monday by asking, “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts?”

          Turns out, he did.

          During his 35-minute speech, Trump attacked former president Barack Obama, mocked his former rival Hillary Clinton and threatened to fire Human Services Secretary Tom Price if he doesn’t deliver votes for the GOP’s health care bill.

          “By the way, just a question. Did President Obama ever come to a jamboree?” Trump asked the crowd of 40,000, many of whom booed in response.

          “The answer is no, but we’ll be back,” Trump said.

          He set that up. You know he set that up. I know he set that up. Only someone with their eyes purposely closed wouldn’t know that was a set up. It’s pitch 101. Set the tone, then hit with something close to home, like oh say, the former Presidents lack of attendance. He did send a short video message that was played in 2010. And it was positive, upbeat and praising of the boy scouts and helping the less fortunate and the good life lessons they were learning. You’re playing semantics. You can direct a crowd to do a lot of things, without ever being explicit.

        • Q, His comment was about Obama not actually making it to a Jamboree of course it was going to evoke a negative response. Saying he “got” them to boo the ex pres is entirely legit. Especially since there was not reason at all Trump should have brought Obama up at all in this setting or any public setting really. But you can’t or wont see that because he is your guy. How the heck can you people defend his behavior no matter what?

        • Trump will never come close to hold Obama shoes. When incomes to class and appropriateness.

        • Well it’s about as legit as saying the crowds at the latest inauguration overwhelmed the Mall.

          Those “boos” are not some default reaction.
          If the boys cared, they could have chanted “we love all our Prez’s,”
          If they cared about cussing, they could have chanted “watch your language”.

          Maybe some of them did. But, certain sounds carry better than others.
          This world is full of traps. I don’t excuse boys who fall into them.

        • “Special interests”? That is, of course, a partisan political insult: because you oppose diversity and the celebration of that fundamental of democracy does not make those who encourage diversity “special interests”.

        • Oh? So where are the tens of thousands of marginalized youth who flooded BSA’s ranks when proponents of a permissive sexual ethic were accommodated? Not on the rolls after three years.
          The organization lost tens of thousands in a couple of years. Scouts across the nation saw their buddies pulled out because parents who favor of a restrictive sexual ethic felt their boys could be better taken care of where majority view is respected. I recently described the kinds of losses the organization continued to experienced, and a proponent of the new standards said “You didn’t need them anyway.”

          The many were sacrificed for the few. The few couldn’t have cared less. That’s not partisanship. That’s math.

          So, the remnant gets a forum in front of their parent’s candidate … And we should be upset that the organization did not muzzle them?

          I’d rather meet with my scout. Find out if he has any regrets about how things went down, and help him take action that restores his dignity. For that, I need no pronouncements from National.

    • And he used the opportunity to encourage the scouts to boo former President Obama. He should truly be ashamed of his level of immaturity.

      • James LaCroix,
        I am confused (because I have heard this from more than just you), How did he encourage the scouts to boo former President Obama? Can you explain when this happened?

        While I was disappointed in many, many of things that the President said, what were people expecting? If anything, President Trump creates a platform more than ever whereby people want to comment – good or bad. In the end, that is how change can happen.

        Being angry and silent never accomplishes anything. Expecting other people to fix problems never fixes anything. If anything, President Trumps mantra of “Make America Great Again” is really getting people involved (again good or bad).

        I do admit that while the excitement of having the President show up at the Jamboree for the upwards of 30,000 people (who were there) and the millions who watched from afar left many shell-shocked, they/we will never forget what was said (good or bad).

        … and yes, I wished he could have stayed on task (follow the teleprompter).

        • He did stay in task. The speech was all Trump.

          I’ll respect a president that acts like a president, not him.

        • He only brought Obama up to say that Obama personally never made it to a Jamboree. It’s was only said to get a disparaging reaction. How does that confuse you? What is wrong with you? You present yourself in writing like a fairly intelligent person. Did you not watch the speech, are you simply being a Trump troll or are you seriously blind to the fact this guy’s behavior is completely inappropriate?

    • One earns respect. One doesn’t expect it, especially if one is so absolutely disrespecting of others. And encouraging disrespect of a former president CERTAINLY is disrespectful.

        • I think that’s more a reflection of the values of a sizable (but still minority) part of our country than any call for respect.

        • The Electoral College is not outdated. Read up on its history & the reasoning behind it. Do we really want New York, California, and Illinois choosing the POTUS every 4 years? The Electoral College means the winning candidate must appeal to a wide variety of constituents across the country instead of only focusing on a few states or the largest cities.

        • Only because of the antiquated electoral college which should have been discontinued long ago. trump continues to waste time and money (not his) trying to claim the popular vote was rigged, it never ends!

        • Nat Wesphal Please confirm your reply of “He earned respect by being chosen to run our country” by stating clearly for all to see that you respect President Obama and Clinton.

      • Trump is and always will be an opportunist. The BSA means nothing to him at all. He cares for no one but himself. He will say and do anything to make his brand more popular. “Make America Great Again ” is his slogan, while the brand that is Trump is being made in foreign counties and not in the USA, hand made by non-Americans. He chooses not to obey the laws of the Constitution of the United States. His administration aids and abetts a foreign enemy of United States to line his own pockets without a doubt. Why was there no travel ban put on the counties that did attack America on 911, simply because this President own property in some of these countries, a fact that can be check if the people who voted for him decide to open their eyes and stop being selectively ignorance.

    • i guess trump did show his values today , by degrading a former president , a former first lady and opponent, i guess that really shows much respect , was he taking credit for the size of the crowd, that he mention a few times.

    • Saddened and sickened by Trump’s remarks to the Boy Scouts. The wink/nudge story about a rich man having “interesting” times on a yacht. Wow. Truly inappropriate. Please never allow this pervert to address our sons again.

      • Levitt also set up contracts with his home purchasers in places like Levittown to exclude Blacks from ownership.
        He also would not sell homes to Jews… he was a Jew… although he did contribute financially to Israel on more than one occasion.
        Divorced and remarried 3 times
        Failed businessman in his later years
        Extra-marital affairs
        Such a great role-model to tout before the Boy Scouts
        Obama also was not the first president to miss attending the Jamboree either… Democrat or Republican.
        He did send a video address though.
        He also met with Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts during his time in office.
        But Trumpians don’t seem to want to deal with truth much… 😉

    • Yes! It was especially awesome how he threatened to fire Tom Price if he didn’t get health care repealed. And what a marvelous thing to get all those impressionable young boys to boo our former President, as behooves true patriotic Scouts, and their patriotic President. How proud we all are.

    • The tasteless potshot President Trump took at his predecessor was pointless and uncalled for. And the response he got from many scouts — booing at the mention of Trump’s predecessor — in no way demonstrated “the values, understanding and character” that scouts swear to uphold when they take the Oath and recite the Law.

    • I watched the speech via Livestream while my son watched in the audience. Pres. Trump did well, and the speech wasn’t too political. My son really enjoyed hearing the President talk about the importance of scouting, and it was neat to see Sec. Perry and Sec. Zenke introduced as scouters. Very cool

      • I’m very happy for you that your life is so whitewashed and neat, really. I’m sure we all are. May our reality never visit your life bubble. Blessed be.

      • Did your son also enjoy Trump’s BOAST of serially committing the CRIME of sexual assault and battery? Is that the sort of “values” you want instilled in him? Does it not dawn on your conscience that BOASTING of committing crimes is not respectworthy?

        As for Sec. of the Interior Zenke, in particular: I recommend that you look at what his position is and how he is abusing it. If Trump and he get their way, there won’t be any open public spaces in which to camp.

        • When the head of the BSA must issue an apology for the rudeness of a Presidential speech you know it was unworthy of the office of President. No former Boy Scout of any political party would approve, he crossed the line of no politics. The speech was about him as usual. He is an embarrassment.

    • Just sent this to Boy Scouting public relations, at pr@scouting.org. I invite you to express your feelings to them as well. (I forgot to add that Scouting should provide psychological counseling as a follow up to all who attending that speech! Maybe you can add that to your message.)
      Dear Scouting,
      Today’s speech by Trump was the most disgusting, obscene bit of rhetoric I have ever heard. Shameful. Appalling. I can only imagine how young Black Scouts must have felt when he denigrated President Obama. How Boy Scouts with sisters must have felt when he demeaned Hillary Clinton. How Scouts not of his political party must have felt. This was as close to a Hitler Youth Rally as I’ve ever seen or imagined in America. I have taught public speaking for 51 years. I have been a Toastmaster for 17 years. Never have I heard of a more inappropriate speech. This man is an embarrassment to our nation, and certainly to Scout Values. I was a Boy Scout in the 1950’s, in Rangoon Burma, and in Nokesville, Virginia. I can find NONE of the Scout Laws in this President. He is not Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, or Reverent. There is no way I can identify him with the ‘Scout Laws “To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” This man is deranged and seriously out of control. Our President (and his tweets, his demeaning of the media and press, his trashing of every significant American value and institution) is seriously out of control. WEST VIRGINIA SCOUTING OWES AMERICA AN APOLOGY FOR INFLICTING THIS MAN ON IMPRESSIONABLE YOUTH.
      Scouting nationally would be wise to disassociate itself with this particular Jamboree for there atrocious judgement.

      • Thank you so very much for your very literate and heartfelt words to the adults who run and raise the Scout boys. I’m sure more than I can imagine what they were thinking letting him speak and keep on speaking to these children who have more integrity and value in one week of scouting then he can ever hope to acquire if he starts today and strives till the day he dies. I joined the ranks of shamefully embarrassed for these kids to have had to endure him for their Jamboree. And I myself know Bare Bones about the scouting experience. Blessed be, sir

      • I agree wholeheartedly. POTUS, despite the positions, reflects neither the Scout Promise or Law. Hopefully, more stable Scoutmasters will lead youth to a balanced view before POTUS wips up a unreflected-upon frenzy turning us into Trumpjugend….

      • I would also like to add the following to the BSA public relations address. Mike Surbaugh, BSA Chief Scout Executive and also Randall Stephenson, BSA National President and CEO of AT&T

      • I would also like to add the following to the BSA public relations address. Mike Surbaugh, BSA Chief Scout Executive and also Randall Stephenson, BSA National President and CEO of AT&T

      • It made me wonder about how he speaks to his son, Baron. I was so embarrassed watching our president talking to the youth of our nation like that. So inappropriate!!! Because they were mostly boys, he thought they’d done a few things in their lives like he had as an adult. He has a handful of kids. You’d think he learned a few things by being a parent. I couldn’t watch it all. And his cabinet being paraded on stage. How do they sleep at night?

    • What I did hear was disgusting. Why in the world would a man or woman address children with such violent words inciting hatred. Mr. Trump most of those boys will not be old enough to vote for you in 2020 that is in case you are running for a second term which is questionable due to your unpopularity.

    • He had no right to turn the Jamboree into a campaign rally. He needs to get out of the past. We all know he won, unfortunately. He is an egomaniac and a complete moron. NOT MY PRESIDENT!

    • I’m so sorry that Mr. Trump failed to show the Scouts the same respect that was accorded him by the audience. His choice of language (‘hell’ is not appropriate to reference as he did) and attempt to politicize the event was inexcusable.

    • He used the captive audience as a pep rally for himself. His speech was all about trying to elevate himself by putting others down. On the bright side, he didn’t brag how his position of authority enables his propensity for grabbing women’s crotches. As an Eagle Scout, I can say he has none of the character that Scouting embraces. Titles can be won, but respect must be earned.

    • This guy, i can’t say POTUS as it sticks in my craw, is the epitome of a role modeling BULLY! He must be netted, evaluated for mental stability, them given treatment or thrown OUT, if it proves to be just plain mean and a bully temperament! Disgusted in Arizona, but frightened more because of his NON NO POLICY, FLY BY THE SEAT OF HIS PANTS DICTATORSHIP,LIKE RUSSIA! It’s a if he has been in training for the KGB by Putin!!!

    • You still thrilled? When are you people going to see your emperor has not clothes? He has nothing so speak about if he isn’t bashing someone or bragging about himself. He can’t even talk to a bunch of kids how do you think his interactions with world leaders go?

    • A person — Trump — who BOASTS of serially committing the CRIME of sexual assault and battery is a degenerate: and by definition a criminal.

      And who ADMITS that his Foundation, under his direct control, violated the law by self-dealing — spending charitable donations meant for other purposes on himself as yet source of self-aggrandizement.

      No one with respect, first, for morals, can respect any of that, or the person who is that.

    • Sorry, Trump gets zero respect. He is a bombastic, toxic narcissistic, megalomaniac who devalues the people of this country, insults those he considers his lessors, and stains the oval office with his lack of dignity, self-control and compassion. Trump focuses on one thing only, making himself and his clan richer. He doesn’t care whether he destroys our national parks with oil rigs and mining operations, doesn’t care how many American citizens will be without healthcare or access, doesn’t care whether our children will be properly educated and geared to succeed. He gives lip service to Americans deep and painful concern over the opiod crisis. He doesn’t give a rip about USA’s credibility across the globe. And he is a Clear and Present Danger to all of the USA and it’s people. He needs to be locked away in a padded room.

  2. President William “Slick Willie” Clinton was a NO-SHOW at the 1993 Jamboree because he was kowtowing to a certain vocal minority group, however he did appear at the 1997 Jamboree because he was a “lame duck” president and wasn’t running for reelection.

    • My troop, Troop 621 Santa Clara County Council, was the Color Guard for President Clinton in 1993. We did all of the preparation before hand, arrived a day early to practice with the U.S. Army Color Guard and on the day of the opening we were back stage waiting and only say Governor Wilder of Virginia. I had to explain to my 36 Scouts why their President was a no show. Very disappointing.
      Grant L. McCauley, Scoutmaster Troop 621 Santa Clara County Council 1993

      • Let’s attack President Clinton in order to avoid the reality that is Trump: admitted criminal and constant liar. Are you another who boosts Scout values, but not too forcefully?

      • Agree. I am an Eagle Scout; my son is an Eagle Scout. I have been to National Jamborees, and one international Jamboree (Japan, 1971).

        I’m listening to Trump by live stream from the Jamboree right now, and cannot believe how inappropriate some of his comments are. His obvious lack of integrity and bullying behaviour is the anthesis of the Boy Scout way, and there is no way his life should serve as an example to our youth. IMO, he should never have been invited to talk to any group of scouts, much less a Jamboree. And I was raised a Republican!

        Btw, DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an Eagle Scout (my son even received a congratulatory letter from Mueller, then Director of the FBI and President of the national Eagle Scout organization). Mueller is also a former marine, earning Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Vietnamese Medal of Gallantry while Trump was avoiding service with “bone spurs.” His integrity career is the example we should be parading before our current generation of scouts, not Trump’s.

        • We’ll said. I have a 16 year old Life Scout on track to become an Eagle Scout. As a Scout parent I understand that The President is traditionally the head of The Boy Scouts but I am furious with his words. His insecurities have made him a thoughtless thug and poor example to these boys. I live in a Conservative district but even so the membership has sunk to new lows. This man and this mentality do not engender recruitment.

        • Thank you Malcolm. As an Eagle scout, the son, brother, and father of two Eagle scouts, I cannot adequately express how saddened I am to have a president with so little moral character address scouts at a national level. I have volunteered with scouting for the last fifteen years and I am so disappointed that our president decided to use his time to score political points rather than address the concerns and challenges that are important to our youth. This was a opportunity that he choose to waste rather than to engage the scouts. Clearly this man has no concept of civil service.

      • It isn’t about politics. It’s about character. Trump does not in any way represent the ideals of Scouting. Trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. OK, maybe he’s clean. or soon he’ll come clean.

      • If you knew your history,…Jim, when Reagan’s visit was scheduled,then arrived, his lovely wife stood in for him. He was weak from cancer treatment and recovering.

    • That’s your spin on Clinton. It’s based on your opinions, and is relevant to reality in no way at all.
      It’s a shame #45 didn’t do the decent thing and send a well edited video, or fail to appear. It would have been preferable to the inappropriate comments he delivered to the children and teens in the audience.

    • Is hate-based name-calling a Scouting virtue? President Clinton at very least know the Constitution, knew how our gov’t — “A system of laws, and not of men.” (John Adams) — functions, and how to govern. Trump does nothing but brag about himself, and insult others. “Justice and the rule of law are to be ABOVE politics.” — John Adams.

      Want respect? Give it, and earn it.

  3. Bryan, in 1950, the Scouts also got a live visit from General “Ike.” My dad was there and his Jamboree Diary entries about both visits are great.

  4. My son is ending his scout career on an awesome note-a chance to see President Trump! Scouting is a wonderful program that teaches boys to become young men with life skills to be successful. God bless the dedicated troop leaders and the scouting program. And thank you President Trump for taking the time to let these kids know how important they are to America!

    • My son is also there and is a Life Scout, with hopes and aspirations of earning his Eagle Scout rank soon. As I watched the live-stream of President Trump’s address to roughly 40,000 of the finest young people in our nation, it became difficult to describe my disappointment for them that he chose to make his speech a self-aggrandizing rehash of his campaign, rather than one with words of inspiration to the future leaders of our country.

    • don’t forget to thank trump for showing disrespect to a former president, a former opponent, is that the policy of the scouts today.

    • It should have been a great honor, but in my opinion, The President soiled that moment for him. Congrats to your son though.

    • I’m very happy for you that your life is so whitewashed and neat, really. I’m sure we all are. May our reality never visit your life bubble. Blessed be.

    • Yeah: let’s honor honor, truth, honesty, morals, and clean living, by praising blatant and constant liar Trump. When he was eligible for military service, he got 4 deferments, and claimed “bone spurs” in one of his feet. He dodged the draft. And now he’s the tough guy who is Commander-in-Chief of the military, which he never respected: he dodged the draft.

  5. The physical presence of a president at the Jamboree creates a major disruption to the activities at the Jamboree. On Monday, one base camp of scouts and leaders will be required to vacate their campsites in the early afternoon and will not be permitted back in until after the president has departed. There will be activities at The Summit that will be closed early. The Jamboree is an event for the SCOUTS.

    In my opinion, the best solution would be for the POTUS to speak via a live feed to the Jamboree event. There would be no disruption to the Jamboree day program nor inconvenience to the scout /leaders (i.e. having to vacate campsite).

    On Monday 7/24 there will be over 25,000 (possibly 30,000+) people who will be on site. There are going is going to be security screening for every person who is entering the arena area. This will take hours to accomplish.

    • There are not many opportunities in a young persons life to say they were at a live address of the President of the United States. This is about the scouts and the program. Just allow this memory to take place and know that it will be significant for some and just another show for others

      • Terrific memories Trump made last night. How ANYONE expected any different from Trump is beyond me. That he didn’t even take any time to prepare any remarks shows how little respect he has for the Scouts.
        Looks like Paul was right on the money. Video address from now on then it can be reviewed as well.

  6. It is a privilege to have the President of the United States… address the Boy Scouts of America, at the Jamboree.
    Any such visit has some logistical challenges around security, but for a group teaching leadership in America, hearing directly from the POTUS is a powerful experience. Most Americans never see a president in a live address.
    To those claiming the visit is just too much trouble, are trying to find an ‘apolitical’ complaint to make a thinly veiled political one, and is straying far from the scout Law.

    • The logistic nightmare is a legitimate complaint. Rafting was canceled for my boys’ contingent. Zip lines, water activities, merit badge classes, and dozens more activities are canceled or stopped by 10:30 in the morning. The boys will be made to sit for 3 hours in the direct sun during the hottest part of the day. While water will be provided, many are not allowed to bring water bottles because they are metal. And, waiting for what, a 10-15 minute speech?
      As far as “straying far from the Scout Law”, this current POTUS is a poor example of the Scout Law and Oath. I think many would be challenged to find examples of when he strayed anywhere near Scouting’s Ideals.
      I’m fine with leaving politics behind. The Summit is a great example of this. One area is named for James Justice (a Democrat), while another building will bear Rex Tillerson’s name (a Republican). But outside of the handful of boys who may actually shake hands or meet the president, most will not get to meet the president. For them the video approach seems to make the most sense. And, could actually be done live with current streaming technologies.

    • How is an address from Trump teaching our scouts leadership?

      I am an Eagle Scout; my son is an Eagle Scout. I have been to National Jamborees, and one international Jamboree (Japan, 1971).

      I’m listening to Trump by live stream from the Jamboree right now, and cannot believe how inappropriate some of his comments are. His obvious lack of integrity and bullying behaviour is the anthesis of the Boy Scout way, and there is no way his life should serve as an example to our youth. IMO, he should never have been invited to talk to any group of scouts, much less a Jamboree. And I was raised a Republican!

      Btw, DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller is an Eagle Scout (my son even received a congratulatory letter from Mueller, then Director of the FBI and President of the national Eagle Scout organization). Mueller is also a former marine, earning Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Vietnamese Medal of Gallantry while Trump was avoiding service with “bone spurs.” His integrity career is the example we should be parading before our current generation of scouts, not Trump’s.

    • Now you have heard the actual speech do you believe that the President in fact set a good example or acted in accordance with the dignity of his office?

    • Do you believe that the President’s speech was in the spirit of the Scout Law? Do you feel that leading a chorus of boos against a previous President was an appropriate and apolitical act?

  7. I not only hope he comes, but hope he brings his son too. And Michael, Jamboree is a place for all to learn and practice scouting ideals.

  8. Whether or not you agree with this, the President of the United States of America is coming to the Boy Scout Jamboree. As you can see from some of the comments that some prior scouts and scout masters remember this as quite an honor. So to all these young men, this will be something they look back on as an honor to say they were there when the LOTUS came to the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree.

    • As you can see by some of the comments, some prior scouts and scout masters are disgusted by the attitude, choice of topics and language the current president chose to use in the presence of these young men. Bitterly rehashing a political campaign, disrespecting a predecessor, maligning American journalists, these are not appropriate subjects for that audience, and frankly should be beneath the dignity of the president.
      Anyone who excused the remarks he was likely to make, (and DID), because of potential memories for the attendees, support the vulgarity and uncouth behavior of the man, and care nothing about the dignity of office he occupies.
      Frankly, the BSA attendees didn’t comport themselves very well either, and my respect for the organization is seriously diminished.

    • Did you feel honored when he encouraged the booing of the previous President? Did you feel honored when he openly advocated for healthcare repeal to a crowd of teenage boys? Did you feel honored when winkingly hinted at the sexual escapades of his billionaire friend?

      I would go on if it didn’t disgust me to do so.

      • Maybe the BSA should insist on a copy of any President’s speech beforfe it is given to make sure it reflects the values of the BSA not some deranged self-serving lunatic.

    • it’s okay for a POTUS to speak at a jamboree, but to try and degrade a former president , or former first lady , or the media , or try to take credit for the size of the crowd, is WRONG.

  9. By turning the Jamboree into a political event, Trump made the Scouts look like Hitlerjungen. He should be ashamed of himself.

  10. I sought out this page for the chance to compare Trump’s speech to those of past presidents. I will check back someday to see if this document is updated to include today’s contribution… complete and unedited. It is my hope that the next president will reflect the tone of president’s past. The current one missed the mark.

  11. I feel bad for our Scouts and young people in this country. This President is beneath the dignity of the office. We need show class, maturity and grace in victory and defeat. This President is a hack. A spoiled rotten person with a chip on his shoulder. Everything we find repulsive is displayed by this man if you can call him that. I am not politicizing because I want to but this President start in on it everywhere he goes.

  12. Shameful performance by a man who has no filter. Whoever allowed this should be fired immediately and the organization should take stock of what it should stand for and not be used by a horrible dangerous man.

  13. Donny Boy is an absolute disgrace for a POTUS. Who does such a thing…??? Running down a former President to make yourself look “good”…???? Seriously Donny Boy…, that’s the speech you came up with…, for the Boy Scouts of America…? tearing down a former President to make yourself look “great”…??!!?? There is something seriously wrong with you…!!! He has no respect for anyone…, and that’s what he showed to these Boy Scouts. Disgraceful….., absolutely disgraceful…..
    Maybe you should listen to President Obama’s speech…!!! 😞😟😞😟😞😟

  14. My husband was an Eagle Scout, and we have always supported BSA. They always invite the current president so it’s not their fault Trump was so inappropriate in his remarks. But, yes he was. He gave his standard “I’m great, I won bigly. Everything bad is Obama, Hillary, and fake media’s fault” speech. Not a surprise, but very disappointing example of “leadership”.

  15. It is a disappointment to realize that Mr Trump was invited to speak to our sons.   He should not be allowed to address young men in a group that holds themselves accountable for their integrity. 

    Who would allow him to stand in front of a large crowd of impressionable young men and spout such unethical nonsense?  Shame on you BSA leaders!  Your entire leadership team needs to apologize to all scouts.  

    Your reputation is diminished.   We have no room in our Republic for brainwashing our youth with partisan, narrow thinking.  Our sons do best when surrounded by caring, supportive men who challenge them to think instead of play on their emotions and vulnerability to power.  

    It is a disgrace to your organization

  16. As a former Boy Scout Senior Patrol Leader, I am appalled at Trump’s speech today. A scout is; “Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Clean and Reverent.” Everything that the Orange POTUS isn’t!

  17. I hope the attending and viewing parents, especially the ones applauding his remarks, re-evaluate what exactly this “president” was pushing. It had nothing to do with the Boy Scouts or their oath and motto. Instead, it was solely about his personal interests. And those interests are nothing but self-satisfying purposes that are not for the betterment of all.

  18. In years past, the BSA conducted an annual fund raising drive titled, “Character Counts”.
    And now they allow this characterless, ethically void, self-absorbed, selfserving deviant to pontificate on something he has no clue about, Leadership. There is nothing in the so-called President’s make-up that aligns with the ideals of the BSA. Nothing.
    The National office should demand an apology from the president for the inappropriate behavior. Sad. Tremendous ly sad.

  19. It’s interesting that the Scouts at the 2017 Jamboree did not wear their Class A uniforms when President Trump was there, but they wore them in many of the photos above with other presidents visiting. I wonder if it had to do with President Trumps political rally like speeches.

    • Art,

      The direction from the Jamboree leadership to the Scoutmasters was to encourage the wearing of the activity (Class B) uniform to this event. This was only a suggestion and it was up to each Troop to decide. Our Troop, actually our entire council contingent, talked with the boys present and they voted to wear the Field uniform (Class A) out of respect for the office of the POTUS. We just felt it was more appropriate. It was interesting that the Jamboree leadership required the Field Uniform (Class A) for the 3rd and final show that came a few days later.


      Yes the visit caused major disruption in the scheduled days activities but it created a memory that will last a lifetime. I did not personally vote for Trump, but I respect the position and a Scout being “Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent” means we do so even when we do not receive the same in return. In the real world Scouts must deal with non-Scout-like behavior every day. There was nothing magical about 7/24/2017 that would lead me to expect everything to be perfect and it wasn’t. A lesson can be learned by the Scouts in attendance and I hope it was. We encourage Scouts to learn to be great leaders, not by doing things perfectly each and every time, but to learn from our mistakes and grow as an individual. A lot of people commenting on this thread should consider this and possibly take the opportunity to grow. Scouting should not be about politics. Scouting isn’t about protecting the boys in a cocoon from everything bad in the world but teaching them the skills to live with and deal with situations everyday that conflict with their own moral base and maybe help show others a better moral path (not dictate it). I can understand many being upset, but take this opportunity to speak with your youth and both grow from the experience.

      – Eagle Scout, 1981 NSJ Scout, 2013 NSJ SM, and 2017 NSJ SM.

  20. As an Eagle and the father of two Eagles who got involved in Scouting specifically because it seeks to build bridges among American youth and encourage good citizenship – in the community, the nation, and the world – I am extraordinarily disappointed in BSA’s leadership for their vactions regarding this issue.

    If my sons were still of age to participate in Scouting, I’d remove them immediately. I’m sure you’ve heard from many Americans who found Mr. Trump’s address vulgar and beyond inappropriate. It stood against all of the values that Scouting has so proudly stood for. Encouraging children and young men to boo President and Mrs. Obama, to cheer for “hot” people doing “unspeakable” things on yachts, and for blatant lies about crucial political issues, is appalling. At the very least, the BSA owes those boys and their parents an apology for exposing them to such a revolting message. It owes President and Mrs. Obama an apology for the gross disrespect. It owes the American people an assurance that what we heard yesterday does not reflect the values of the BSA in any way.

    What was most chilling was the cheering of so many impressionable young men at the titillating hints at bad behavior the president described. This is how you hook young minds into following a bad leader, who has acknowledged, on multiple occasions, his own aggressive actions toward women and – in his role as a beauty pageant entrepreneur – his practice of walking in unannounced on young women, including teenagers, in their dressing rooms. This is appalling.

    As the father of two daughters, one a Gold Award recipient and the other well on her way, this sort of behavior is exactly why respect and courtesy are advocated as codes of conduct for youth and why adults are trained to recognize and report predatory acts, across Scouting and indeed, across all youth activities – from AYSO to Little League.

    Mr. Trump is a repulsive human being, for his sexism and predatory behavior alone, no matter where one is on the political spectrum. If the BSA cannot publicly distance itself from yesterday’s spectacle, it is no longer the Boy Scouts of America.

    The present statement regarding non-partisanship is insufficient. Unless the BSA strongly and publicly condemns Mr. Trump’s remarks, I have absolutely no reason to support the organization ever again.

    • I agree with everything you said, minus the “no reason to support thei organizations,” Hopefully, the BSA will outlive Trump. Since he shoots from the hip, as POTUS and “honorary” president of the BSA, it’s impossible to know what he’s going to say.

  21. Trump came, he saw a big audience, and then he embarrassed all the scouts and Scouting. I’d like to say he embarrassed himself, but he apparently is immune to self-criticism. Had he stayed on script, he might have been okay. But he just couldn’t restrain himself. It’s in his nature to be the antithesis of the Scout Law: courteous, kind, cheerful, etc.

  22. I do not at all fault the BSA for inviting the President of the United States. It is tradition, it has precedent, and on that basis, the appearance of the president has always been an honor. As a female, I was not a Boy Scout, but was selected to go to Elmendorf Air Force Base with our school principal when I was in 5th grade to see President Reagan speak on a rare stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of his, in particular, but the dignity of the office – and the way each person who held it was a symbol of our freedom, pride, and concern for all – made that visit an honor for me. I wish for my children that same experience: a sense that each president IS “their” president because that person steps beyond partisanship and division when they take the office, even as they pursue the agenda that represents their priorities.

    There was no precedence for this Jamboree’s dilemma. I could’ve told you Mr. Trump would say inappropriate things, given he was invited to open his mouth. But even that wouldn’t have necessarily justified breaking with the tradition of asking the president to speak at the Jamboree. The experience we now have DOES justify the breaking of the tradition. It signifies that we have entered a new era, that we cannot take for granted that a speaker will enrich the Scouts who hear the address, simply by virtue of the office that speaker holds, and that the organizers must do more to safeguard the young minds and hearts they have the privilege of influencing with their choice of activities and speakers.

    BSA must distance itself from this message, in explicit and public ways. It must make CLEAR that the remarks are reflective of what we do NOT want our young people to indulge in themselves: the very human tendencies to brag, taunt, leer, and dissemble. Tempatation is real and greed and pettiness live inside us all. Helping young men strive to find the better angels within them and turn toward those is what Scouting is all about.

    My son is enriched by his Scouting experiences in so many ways. Still, if the organization cannot draw a clear line and eliminate confusion about what it stands for — and what it will NOT stand for in its speakers — our family will distance ourselves from its lost path and stay true to the path of raising a man who is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. We hope we can stay on that path WITH the Scouts.

    With so much love and respect,
    Michele Christensen

    • Found your blog post independently of your comment and was impressed with the depth of information you presented. Thanks for your work and time.

  23. I too am an Eagle Scout and deeply ashamed that BSA leadership would let this happen. It is not hard to guess at what Trump would do and not too hard to develop more responsible traditions to replace this one. Scouts should be among the first to resist propaganda, not the first to fall for it. Watch “Triumph of the Will.” Surely Scouts don’t want to be cheer leaders or do goose steps for this president. Please, I encourage you to question your leaders, propose alternatives, use your imagination and skills. You are too smart to fail to resist.

  24. I do not think sending a video tape counts as a presidential visit to the jamboree. I guess if I watch President Trump speech via internet could I say I visited the jamboree. If so I would like my percipient patch.

  25. It is obvious you don’t hold to the principle that respect is earn not by title. Presidents have a responsible to the youth of our country. Trump gives the same speech at every event with curse words and hate. He cannot garner respect from any point. I am so glad my scouts missed this horrific hate-filled man.

  26. For the record: FDR cheated on his wife as did Bill Clinton. LBJ was a bigot. Dick Nixon was compelled to resign his office for his crimes. All of these presidents addressed Scout Jamborees.

    So come on down off your high horses Democrats. I am deeply ashamed of all you who are supposedly deeply ashamed – in reality you’re Democrats who put your politics before the interests of your sons. You weren’t complaining about Bill Clinton speaking at a Jamboree were you? You want the Boy Scouts to become the Young Pioneers and no we’re not going to let that happen. And yep, I’m a former scout and troop committee member, as was my son.

    • Rob, please compare the speeches of those former presidents you listed to the one given this week. Look at what they chose to say to the Scouts, and what Donald Trump chose to say to the Scouts. A sense of shame may awaken within you yet.

    • Interesting comment: according to you only Democrats were and are rightly offended by the vulgarity and abusiveness of admitted criminal and degenerate Trump.

      Perhaps the Republicans you represent can learn something from the Boy Scout values, instead of dishonestly avoiding the issue by engaging in bigoted bashings.

      Trump is being investigated for his coordination with Putin in order to steal the election. And for the crime of money-laundering for Russian mobsters and oligarchs. It is no secret that Republicans, who falsely accuse the Clintons of being criminals, have not a negative word to say about Trump, even after he BOASTED of serially committing the CRIME of sexual assault and battery.

      Sleep well. Dream of Boy Scout values, and pretending to respect and adhere to them with more than mouth.

  27. My husband is an Eagle Scout – he told our two daughters how important scouting was in his development towards being a good human being – and he supports Scouting wholeheartedly to this day – i seriously question the judgment of those of your leaders who made the decision to invite Pres. Trump to speek – i see a definite lapse of judgment in their doing so – perhaps this event will open communication about human decency and other important aspects of ‘community ‘ – to those of you within the Scouting community who feel like it is important to participate in change, i wish you the courage to speak out and the open-mindedness of your colleagues to “listen” – good luck with Scouting …..elaine price

  28. Thank you for the list. I was a Boy Scout in Arizona anf only attended the local Jamboree. But I don’t think addressing the Jamboree from the White House consider of visiting the National Boy Scout Jamboree. Thanks.

  29. For those concerned about exposing 13+ year olds to bombastic speech: you might want to consider their social media.
    Concerned about what one person says to tens of thousands of such boys? That person has a postal address.
    Concerned about what your one scout heard when he/she was in the crowd? Talk to your scout about the good, bad, and ugly. Give him a pen and paper, and that person’s address.
    Concerned that your scouts may have behaved badly? Ask them how they reacted. Have them consider writing that person an apology.
    Concerned about this happening again? Talk to your fellow citizens, especially those in an opposing camp and ask them to be more judicious next election.

    Anyone who really wants their boys pouring over the words of a POTUS that their family disdains, would do well to censor those boys. I assure you nothing makes a young voter more curious and sympathetic toward an opposing camp than when their minders shelter them from the forces of history.

    We owe BSA a great deal of thanks for encouraging our youth to meet with public servants. The rest of a youth’s journey is on us.

    • Q: You and I are in the same camp on this one. Many here and on other social media want the BSA to disavow Trump’s speech (making a political statement by a non-political organization); banning future presidents from attending the jamboree in person (breaking with tradition); having the BSA “vet” the speech before hand (What are they going to do if he ad-libs? Pull him off the stage?). Just another example of how a generation of “helicopter” parents and now “bull dozer” parents want to shelter their children from the harsh realities of life. When are they going to actually let their children grow up?

      When Johnny Scout gets home from the Jamboree and if he is upset about the POTUS visit to the Summit, have a talk with him about free speech, tradition, and the Scout Oath/Law. The adult may find out that little Johnny knows that Trump did not exhibit the values of the Scout Oath/Law in parts of his speech, but I am sure that little Johnny has also seen adults around him do the same. The only difference is that the adults saw this one and not the examples (good or bad) they see every day from their parents, teachers, and other adult leaders in their community.

        • Are you saying that absent the cuss, you’d be fine with the speech?
          Or, do you presume us so shallow that we would never make note of any grander obfuscations?

  30. As a former Scout I see it like this:

    A Scout is trustworthy; Trump is deceitful. A Scout is loyal; Trump is treacherous. A Scout is helpful; T is careless. A Scout friendly; T surly. S courteous; T rude. S kind; T cruel. S obedient; T willful. S cheerful; T gloomy. S thrifty; T gaudy. S brave; T cowardly. S clean; T foul. And a Scout is reverent, while Trump is wicked. That’s 12 for 12 of the items in the Scout Law.

    As for the Scout Oath, Trump clearly does not endeavor “To help other people at all times;” nor To keep himself “physically strong” (he doesn’t believe in exercise), “mentally awake” (he reads almost nothing), or “morally straight” (I’ll spare you).

    No one I’ve ever known or heard about is less Scout-like or less suitable as a Jamboree speaker than Donald J. Trump, Sr.

    • Same list could be made for almost every POTUS (and almost politician) back to Washington based on some action they took in their professional or personal life.

  31. As a former Eagle Scout, I learned serve of country and community first. I keep hoping that at some point our president will begin to act presidential. He has taken away dreams and goals of our youth and ranted about the most trivial of matters. Where is the support, leadership and guidance that we expect from our political leaders. I agree with other commentators that the president has violated every element of the BSA Oath and use this precious platform to promote his narcissistic personality traits. How can we inspire our youth and particularly those who are already committed to service above self, when all the president can talk about is his own perceived personal grievances?

  32. Trump is and always will be an opportunist. The speech he delivered at the BSA Jamboree was one of all about me, me and me. It also shows that he will do and say anything to promote his brand. The BSA means nothing at all to him, It was just another event to spouse his rhetoric of selfishness, being a bad winner and a destoryer of democracy. It is a shame that some of the people who voted for him think the same way he does. They choose to be selectively ignorance.

  33. As a former Den Mother, all I can say is, this moment was a lesson to all–do not invite this man to talk–ever, anywhere, about anything! All one will hear from the mouth of Trump, is praise for Trump–the problem is, he believes his self praise is known as substance.

    • And, my father was an Eagle Scout. FDR gave my father his Eagle Scout award when FDR was Gov. of New York. My father, at that time, was one of the youngest Eagle Scouts to earn that honor. I thought Trump’s speech was a shame on the Office he holds–the Scouts will always be stronger and better–or do all that they can do, to be stronger and better than what they saw during that speech.

  34. Many parents and former scouts are asking the BSA leadership to denounce Trump’s speech. I hope they’re not holding their breaths.

    Although Scouting calls on 11 to 17-year-olds to show moral courage under pressure, the BSA leadership never has done so. For decades, the BSA failed to defend its own boys: the BSA would not stand up for gay scouts until social pressure shifted to the side of doing the right thing. I am an Eagle Scout and remember a few scouts who needed to belong, but who, heartlessly, were pushed away.

  35. Regardless of what you think of him, Trump is president and issuing that apology yesterday was far more disgraceful than anything Trump has done. I have resigned my position in the scouts and pulled my son from this organization that instead of teaching our boys to be men, is turning them into snowflakes who can’t handle opposing views….I am disgusted by Scout leadership

    • Clearly you failed to read the transcript of #45 verbal diarrhea. This isn’t about opposing views. This is about behaving respectfully toward the age and concerns of your audience. The Boy Scout Jamboree isn’t a place for political views from either side of the aisle. It is about celebrating and encouraging the important values scouting promotes, (not about who will get fired if the president doesn’t get what he wants)
      I have concluded that the only people NOT upset about #45’s disturbing display of poor judgement and poor taste are those who agree with his inappropriate comments, and are happy to excuse his vulgarity and inability to behave in a respectful manner. It’s a shame you are withdrawing your son. He probably needs value like integrity, respect, etc. instilled & reinforced. Obviously, you understand nothing about either.

  36. Again, the president did not understand what he considers facts. He mentioned that President Obama did not attend the Jamboree, conveniently leaving out that he sent a motivational video. President Obama was not the first president to send a video or a substitute. But this current president certainly is the first to swear, tell adult stories, to brag, to incite, and to lie.

  37. I wrote to our regional scout executives. I explained I was on the verge of getting my son involved in scouting, and now will not, at least for the time being.

    And I offered this simple, common-sense, responsible suggestion for the future:

    In the future, the scout leadership must, *for any speaker:*

    + get a written copy of the address beforehand, and make it clear the speaker is not to vary substantially from the written copy
    + stop the speaker if they do so diverge.

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