Download the official app of the 2017 National Jamboree

You’ve sewn on your official Jamboree patch. You’ve finalized your travel plans. You’ve finished packing — or at least your packing list.

The next step in prepping for the 2017 National Jamboree takes just seconds but will enhance your Jamboree experience in big ways. It’s time to download the official 2017 National Jamboree app.

The 2017 National Jamboree app is available now for iOS and Android devices. The app includes a list of activities, event schedules, updated wait times for attractions, interactive maps, real-time notifications and more.

It’s everything you need to know about the 2017 National Jamboree — all in the palm of your hand.

To download, click here on your iOS device or click here on your Android. You can also search “2017 Jamboree” in the App Store or Google Play. Jamboree participants, staff volunteers, and visitors should get the app today and find a prominent spot for it on their home screen. Those who aren’t going to the Jamboree are welcome to download the app and follow along from home.

2017 National Jamboree app features

  • Personalized agendas: A complete list of Jamboree events, giving Scouts and Venturers helpful information like the time, location and details of all activities. Participants can even craft their own personalized agenda, showcasing their own can’t-miss Jamboree events.
  • Updated wait times: Scouts and Venturers can view regularly updated wait times for the most popular Jamboree activities. This will enable participants to get the most out of each day, and it’ll help with the overall flow of traffic at the Jamboree. Sweet.
  • Interactive maps: This full array of maps shows the locations of shuttles, first-aid stands, charging stations and key points of interest. Scouts and Venturers can get walking directions and see the estimated travel times by foot to various points throughout the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
  • Real-time notifications: Scouts and Venturers can opt in to receive notifications about schedule changes, emergency information, weather alerts and more.
  • Sponsors: Participants can scroll through the many friends of Scouting whose support helps make the Jamboree Scouting’s premier event.

2017 National Jamboree app videos

Who’s behind the 2017 National Jamboree app?

AT&T powers the 2017 National Jamboree app, which was developed in partnership with the volunteers on the National Jamboree Program Team. Let’s give a big shout-out to the National Jamboree Program Team for their work in turning a cool concept into an awesome app.

What about the previous version of the Jamboree app?

Some Jamboree participants, leaders and staffers downloaded an early version of the Jamboree app under a different name. Please note the earlier version is no longer supported and won’t be updated during the 2017 National Jamboree. The newer version, powered by AT&T, is available at the links above. That’s the one you want.


    • It is our intent to provide a web-accessible version of some app content (not app functionality) for our colleagues with Windows phones. At the Jamboree, the preferred solution for those without a supported device is to ask a fellow Scout or Scouter to briefly use their device to find something in the app (A Scout is Helpful).

      • All of the content (maps, schedules, program descriptions, etc.), if not the app functionality, will be on – which is a responsive site that should display correctly on Windows phones. You’ll also want to be sure to follow @2017jambo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and @Jambo2017 on Snapchat.

    • Windows phones have literally 1% of market share. It’s just not always cost-effective to create apps for them.

    • Yes, use the app developed by Persource. Event Truly is no longer updated and is not the app that will be used at the Jamboree.

      • Minor clarification here: Event Truly, the app is regularly updated and is actively being improved for various Scouting events. You are correct that the content for the 2017 Jamboree within Event Truly will not be updated between now and the Jamboree.

  1. Changing App’s this late in the game is a VERY poor decision — it will create confusion and distrust for future events

    • Developing the app for the Jamboree has been a process, involving many stakeholders. A decision was made to go with this new app, and I apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this has created. Your comment is well-taken and will be part of the after-action report I prepare.

  2. Why the switch from event truly when all the troops and crews have been pushing it for jamboree and been training on it with the kids? We promoted event truly at our shakedown and now we have to put out that is not the official app now. When will the Jamboree page be updated to reflect this?

    • Developing the app for the Jamboree has been a process, involving many stakeholders. A decision was made to go with this new app, and I apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this has created.

    • has an article on the new app, and you’ll see reminders in the jamboree social feeds (@2017jambo) as well.

  3. Does anyone else notice the “You must be at least 17 years old to download this app. Unrestricted web access.” notice on this app?

    • From the vendor: “17+ is an automatic rating for any app that contains or streams videos from YouTube or any other streaming service since Apple can’t curate the content in the video.” Not the rating I would have liked to see, but not actually indicative of the content.

  4. Aww. Maybe this is taking Be Prepared too far. They’ve taken some of the fun out of it. In the 1981 and 1985 Jambos, the chaos, confusion, and wait lines led to fascinating discoveries by accident and our memories of learning about things we didn’t know were so interesting, just because they didn’t have a long line!
    Beware the reliance on electronics, though. Have a plan b!

  5. It asks for my “Identifier” – and only accepts 3 characters? Where might one find these identifiers? I just put in “001” and it took it. What makes these unique?

    It asked me in a few places for a “unit name” – even after selecting my unit. I just put our Troop number? Is it adhoc? Can anyone put anything here?

    • Thanks for your questions! You create your own identifier–we’re not assigning them. Not sure where the requests for unit name are–should just be in the settings section–you can use the four or five-digit unit number you have (e.g., 9999 or 9999A).

        • For notifications, you should be able to just choose your interest groups–no need to choose a unit or group (units and groups are used for Where’s My Group? Interest Groups are used for notifications).

          For Where’s My Group?, we understand that the iOS app is requiring people to join both a unit and a group in order for the feature to work. We’ve asked the vendor to change this so that the feature works with either a unit or a group specified.

        • Great question! This excerpt from the app’s FAQ should answer your question; if not, please respond and I’m happy to help.

          Q: What is the purpose of “your identifier”, units, and groups in the app?

          A: These are all used in the “Where’s My Group?” function, in the Maps section. “Your identifier” is a self-selected set of three-characters, used to identify your point on the map. Your unit is your Jamboree troop or crew (participants and unit leaders only), which can be used to identify where other people in your unit have been. A group is the identifier of a self-selected set of people, all of whom have to enter the group name in order to be associated with that group. For example, the Owl Patrol could choose to create their own group so that members can keep track of where each other has been.

        • Andrew, thanks for your answer. Is there a direct link (button) to the FAQ’s? I went digging and only found it through a search of FAQ.

        • The system wouldn’t let me respond to your question about FAQs, but here’s the answer: on the second home screen, tap on “App Support”. FAQ should be the first option. If it’s not, please let me know.

        • Thanks again, I found page 2 of the home screen. Next, who can see my identifier? I’m looking for ways for ideas of ‘best practices’ use and selecting an identifier code.

        • Your identifier can be seen by (a) people who have also entered an identifier and entered the same unit number when prompted that you did and (b) people who have also entered an identifier and entered the same group name that you did. In practice, this is supposed to be people that you know. It is certainly conceivable that someone you do not know could enter the same unit or group name, and that is why the identifier is three characters–to shield your identity from people you do not know. Whatever your identifier is, you would tell people that you know what it is so that they know it’s you. Hopefully this makes sense. If a stranger can’t figure out who you are based on the three characters, that’s not a bad thing.

        • Andrew, thanks a 3rd time. I get it, but I see a need for a video tutorial for Scoutmasters and Crew Advisors on how to set this up for their units. Your statement: I hope this makes sense gives me the feeling that many won’t get this or many units and groups may overlap causing problems and undue stress for unit leaders on the ground at the Jamboree.

        • Thanks–I understand and appreciate your perspective. There is no way to 100% avoid overlaps without including personally identifiable information in the app, which we will not do.

          Importantly, this feature should not be relied on for health/safety purposes. The locations are only updated periodically when the app is in the foreground (to prevent battery drain). Nobody should use this for a purpose where inaccurate data could cause stress or problems. Locations are time-stamped because we want to be clear that this feature does not show where everyone is at all times.

          There are two types of potential overlaps: intentional and inadvertent.

          For intentional overlaps (e.g., someone not in your unit/group claiming they are in your unit/group), there’s nothing we can do about that. The identifiers should allow you to recognize that these are people you do not know, but there’s also nothing preventing someone from adopting the same identifier as someone else. The best way to avoid an intentional overlap is to create a complex group name (e.g., “Troop9999FromPhiladelphiaIsTheBestTroopEverGoPhillies”) that someone not in your group is unlikely to guess (and not rely on the 4-5 character unit designation).

          To avoid inadvertent overlaps, using the unit should be fine, as the only way someone would end up in your unit is if they made a typo on entering their unit number. Similarly, using a longer / complex group name (e.g., “Troop9999-OwlPatrol”) should avoid inadvertent overlap, as it’s unlikely someone in another unit makes a typo and ends up with the same group name.

          If you use a simple group name (e.g., “OwlPatrol”), there will likely be inadvertent overlap because there are likely to be many Owl Patrols (or something similar).

          Thanks for your engagement!

        • Yes, this is intentional for identity protection, given that all groups are open to those who know its name.

  6. I guess that when Event Truly came out, AT&T’s knickers got wadded up. We had a similar situation at the 2010 Jamboree. Our Cit in Community/World merit badges group had permission to use a Wi-Fi set up for our area. AT&T complained that we were interfering with their signal which was a crock of baloney. We were so far down in the grass you couldn’t see our signal spike. Had absolutely no support form the National Council office that had approved our request in spite of showing them that our signal couldn’t even be seen on a signal display scope. So, two days before opening, our crew had to go buy the cable and other items needed to make a hard wire network. To paraphrase a military comment I heard many times during my career, “Money talks; a good project walks.”

  7. Why is the new app restricted to Android v5 and up? Many Scouts will have hand-me-down phones that may be running older versions of Android (or, as my family is, we use older phones that still work fine–Samsung G SIIIs).
    I worked with Andrew and the Event Truly developer to correct this, but now I’m back to not being able to even install it.
    Also agree with those expressing dismay at the app being changed after the staff and participants have all been using Event Truly.

    • Great news! The vendor has updated the app to be compatible back to Android 4.0.3 provided all relevant security updates are installed.

  8. I have a t-mobile android phone. Will I be able to do anything? How much wireless access will there be, and is there a group password? Will the network be encrypted?

    • PLEASE BE AWARE, T-Mobile data coverage in WV is using a “partner network” and will not fall under your normal monthly data allowance. There is a smaller amount available for partner network areas (aka roaming). When I had T-Mobile down here, it was something like 250 MB for a month, with a several gig plan normally. Call T-Mobile and specifically ask how much data your plan provides for partner network areas. Plan accordingly.

  9. This doesn’t seem as staff friendly as Event Truly. Don’t see any scheduled events prior to the 18th nor do I see a notification choice for Echo

    • Hi Connie,

      Great points. The mobile app has always been participant-focused, with some information for staff included (no scheduled events prior to the 18th is, I believe, unchanged). For notification, there is a “Staff” channel that is intended to include Echo; since a large majority of staff will be staying in Echo, it seemed redundant to have both an Echo notification and a Staff notification.

  10. I’ll echo the concerns about switching apps at this late date. I sent some comments to “Report Issues”. I’m on staff, and this doesn’t seem anywhere near as polished or useful as the Event Truly app. The PDF maps are low-res. The participation award files are not mobile-friendly. And there are many others. But those things can be fixed easily.

    I have concerns about the Journal feature. I’m guessing the idea is for participants to use this as a notepad or perhaps even a journal. Are those notes backed up someplace? In the cloud? Who has access to them? I have privacy concerns. When you open a journal entry, it says, “Please share your Jamboree experiences here”. Share how? It would be terrible if a user thought they were writing for themselves and it is public. Can the entries be exported? It would be terrible if participants used the “Journal” feature as a journal and either lost the data or couldn’t easily get the data out of the app. If those concerns haven’t been addressed, maybe the feature should be removed. I have other concerns about the feature, but I’ll stop there.

    • Hi Beth,

      Thanks for your comments and feedback. For the Journal, the entries are private and are stored on the device (the app’s FAQ stated that the Journal entries are private, and I have revised it to add that the entries are stored on the device and not backed up). I’ve asked the vendor about being able to export entries. The vendor is also working to fix a bug that erases all journal entries when the app is updated.

    • Great question! In the schedule detail screen, tap the gray/black “MY” box in the upper-right-hand corner, and then tap Yes. That will add it to your agenda. Note that it does not make a reservation or otherwise guarantee you will be able to attend that event.

  11. I’ve enjoyed going through the app. One question: Is there a way to print copies of the documents the app contains? the Campsite inspection sheet, map of the God and Country station and the others

    • We are working on a web app version that can be accessed from a smartphone or computer. Given the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s core value of sustainability, we encourage users to use documents in-app instead of printing.

  12. I understand that I don’t understand all of this very well… So, if my son does not have a phone and plans to bring an iPod and work exclusively from WiFi, will the app update/refresh as he crosses WiFi AP’s. If not, will the app function if he directly refreshes it when he gets WiFI coverage? Recommendations??

    • Thanks for your question. To preserve battery life, the app only updates when it is active (i.e., when it is the app taking up the whole screen). The app will update/refresh over WiFi coverage when it is active. Your son can also tap the refresh button (the circle made up of two arrows in the upper-left corner of the app’s home page) to start an update.

  13. the app has an extensive list of activities and merit badges- this is great.
    But may kids dont have a smart phone. I cannot find a similar comprehensive list on the website. Can a text or .pdf list be posted there?

    • Rob, I believe we resolved this through your help request, but please submit one in the app if that wasn’t you. Thanks!

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