Download ‘Race to Survival,’ a free book for teens written by an Eagle Scout

Justin Cody is no outdoorsman. He’s forced to take a canoe trip in Canada with his grandfather, but he’d rather be at home texting his friends and playing videogames.

But when Justin’s grandfather is kidnapped during the trip, the 13-year-old must learn canoeing and camping skills to save himself and his grandpa.

That’s the plot of Race to Survival, Cliff Jacobson’s new book for teens. Jacobson, a Distinguished Eagle Scout and longtime Scouting magazine contributor, has interlaced practical outdoor skills in an adrenaline-filled book.

“I figured an adventure story would draw kids in, while the how-to material would teach them right,” Jacobson says.

The book, which is for readers ages 11 to 17, blends fictional action with real-life tips explained in illustrations and sidebars.

Race to Survival normally sells for $5.95, but Jacobson has a great deal exclusively for Scouts and Scouters. You can download it for free.

Here’s the book’s description:

Thirteen-year-old Justin Cody is failing two classes and is addicted to texting and playing videogames. Forced to take a wilderness canoe trip in Canada with his Grandpa Henry, Cody is thrust into a race for survival when the two discover a top-secret drone developed by the U.S. military. Grandpa Henry is kidnapped, and Justin — who knows nothing about canoeing and camping — must canoe alone to a distant lake that promises rescue.

Race to Survival is a high-adventure tale and a wilderness skills book. Young readers will be entertained while they learn practical outdoor skills. Some examples are: How to read a map and compass; make fire when the woods are wet with rain; rig a storm-proof camp; what to do when you’re caught in a lighting storm; tips to repel mosquitoes and black flies; important knots; essentials for a stay in the woods; emergency signals; wild foods that you can easily find and safely identify; what to do if you meet a bear or cow moose while you’re hiking — and much more! Essentially, this is a “canoeing/camping/survival” how-to book dressed in riveting fictional clothes.



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  2. HI, Gang: My old web-site ( was hacked so we built a new one ( Unfortunately, the old side is down and the forwarding links don’t work perfectly yet. Google says it could take up to 6 weeks. Meanwhile, all you have to do to get this free book is to type in on your search engine. It should come right up. Then go to SHOP and click on FREE. Easy! The book downloads fast and easy. Hopefully in a month or two this will all be ironed out. Thank you for your patience and I apologize for the problems. Cliff Jacobson

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