Scouts Then and Now, Chapter 6

Ryan from Pennsylvania

Welcome to Scouts Then and Now, a Bryan on Scouting blog series. The premise is simple. I share two photos of the same Scout or Venturer: once in his or her early Scouting years (Cub Scout, younger Boy Scout, younger Venturer) and again in his or her later Scouting years (Life Scout, Eagle Scout, older Venturer).

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Jacob from Illinois
Ryan from Pennsylvania
Tim from Pennsylvania
Matthew Ryan, David, Nate, Andrew and Edward from Colorado
Clayton from West Virginia
Jeffrey, Timothy and Gregory from California
Kyle from Ohio
Nicholas from Illinois
Joseph from Connecticut
Desi from Pennsylvania
Michael from Pennsylvania

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  1. It’s really amazing how different the scouting movement is in the US compared to the movement in my country, Germany. Once we visited Gilwell Park near London and I got the impression that Germany really is a special development in the scouting world.

    Evolving with other “free youth” movements in the early 20th century, most German scout associations (and there are many – from 20 up to many thousands and all with their own basic rules but following the scouting principles) reject awards, ranks or anything military-like.

    Anyway – is there any nice-to-read and not-too-long history text/book about the scouting movement in the US?

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