The BSA trunk club: Send in photos of your Scouting storage space on wheels

An average driver’s trunk might hold a spare tire, jumper cables and the good umbrella.

But Scout leaders are anything but average.

A Scout leader’s trunk is more than a trunk. It’s a mobile storage unit for all things Scouting.

At various times throughout the year, it might hold: membership applications, rank and merit badges, Adventure loops, camping equipment, copies of Boys’ Life magazine, boxes of popcorn, decorations for a court of honor or blue and gold banquet, Pinewood Derby materials, snacks, a Dutch oven, first-aid equipment, materials for a merit badge class, and more.

During especially busy weeks, it might hold everything listed above all at once.

Does your trunk scream Scouting, like the one above? It belongs to Aaron Derr, senior writer of Boys’ Life and a Cubmaster in Texas.

If so, send me a picture of this Scouting storage space on wheels. I’ll include my favorites in a future blog post.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Email a high-res photo to Just one photo, please.
  2. Make the subject line “Scouting trunk.”
  3. Include your first name and last initial, Scout unit number and hometown.


  1. I also carry a gas can. It doesn’t have to contain fuel.
    If you ever get stuck and need a little gas, that can comes in really handy.

  2. I know this is meant for the Scouters, but I’d love to see the professionals vehicles. One DE I knew had the entire back of his Chevy Blazer as a mobile office with filing cabinet, laptop, printer, and tons of paperwork.

  3. Remember when Johnny Carson did Carnac the Magnificent? We did Cornac the Magnificent at a Pack meeting a few years ago tied into popcorn selling. The Cubs thought it was funny even though they didn’t know its origins. The parents thought it was hilarious.

    ANSWER: Boxes and boxes of two year old Scout popcorn.

    QUESTION: What will you find in the trunk of Assistant Cubmaster Smith’s trunk?

  4. This past weekend at our University of Scouting, my 15 year old Scout son and I were helping a Scouter take down tents that he had used for BALOO training and load them into his truck.

    After we finished and got in our van my son said to me “I am starting to see a common theme among Scouters.” I asked him what that was and he said “all of your vehicles are full of Scout stuff. It’s either meeting supplies, camping gear, or popcorn.” I laughed and got out of my van and went and told the other Scouter what my son had said.

    Then when I checked this blog on Monday I saw this post and it made me laugh! I guess my son is right! Glad to know it’s not just me!

  5. In addition to being a scoutmaster I also volunteer with a pediatric burn survivor program. We do a few camps a year for the survivors there. I will never live down my experience there a coupe of years ago.

    To preface this story, I drive a Toyota Echo. For those who don’t know, it’s a small compact car.

    So on the day in question we are decorating a cabin in preparation for the arrival of the campers and my radio goes off, the camp director is looking for me as the person who was bring the dutch ovens needs a few more, I just so happened to have 3 in my trunk. So I grab one of the other counselors, and head over to the car. On the way he tells me how silly he feels as he forgot his sleeping bag, well, I had an extra in the car too…. we get to the car and pop open the trunk and he sees the 3 vases in there as well and comments that they would go perfect with the porch decorations, as they were simply in there as I hadn’t dropped them off at the Goodwill yet, off they go, with the sleeping bag, and the 3 dutch ovens. The next thing I know we are looking for magic markers, so I head back to the car and grab a bag full of them, with the heavy duty stapler that would be the next thing we needed as well (to hang the banner we were making) the day kept on going on like this, over and over, where it turned into somewhat of a game to see what I could pull out of the trunk of the car…. the guys started to call the car the tradis, wich is better than how my wife refers to it as the landfill, but it turns into some fun year.

    Mind you I do clean it out from time to time, it just so happens the main burn survivor camp is 4 days after our council camporee most years, so it’s still packed from camporee.

    This year will be even worse, as our camporee theme is a pirate theme, and the burn camp is a prirate theme, and I am collecting the used decorations at camporee from the entire council to take with me to the burn survivor camp. I’m hoping to have to use a trailer

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