How has Boys' Life magazine improved your Scout's experience?

Today’s Tuesday Talkback is all about Boys’ Life magazine. Join me in sharing stories about BL‘s impact on your family.

Tuesday-TalkbackOnce per month, every month, the Wendell mailbox became a treasure chest.

Approximately 29 days out of 30, it held catalogs and bills and letters addressed to Mom and Dad.

But then there was Boys’ Life day. One piece of mail, just for me. All mine.

Boys’ Life offered a window into the world of Scouting and beyond, and I read it cover to cover. It made reading enjoyable, provided ideas for my Scout troop, and introduced me to new books, camping gear and videogames. I shared those BL experiences with my fellow Scouts because Troop 1776 rolled the cost of BL into each Scout’s annual dues. That meant every Scout in Troop 1776 received Boys’ Life every month, and the magazine offered great fodder for conversation and fun.

Now that I’m employed by the very publication I grew up reading, I realize I am not alone in my admiration of this magazine. Every day we receive letters of appreciation from Scouts across the country. Like this one from Christian to Boys’ Life editorial director Michael Goldman:

Dear Mr. Goldman,

I am a 17-year-old about to make Eagle at the end of my Scouting career. As I approach the end of my career, I have taken time to put together a list of proper “thank yous” owed. Although this letter was written with you in mind, I have done my research and come to realize the whole editorial staff deserves my greatest thanks. I have always been entertained and inspired by the Boys’ Life magazines I have received ever since I was young. From reading comics to seeing new gear to looking at videogames and Legos, it really was part of my childhood and Scouting experience.

Thank you for all you have done [to] continue to change lives.

The role of Boys’ Life in your family

Today I’m interested in the parent’s perspective on Boys’ Life magazine. For this Tuesday Talkback, I invite you to share stories about the positive impact of your son or sons receiving BL.

Has it made him more interested in reading? A better student? A more motivated Scout?

Does he rush to the mailbox, like I did, to make sure he gets BL before his older sister?

Please leave your comments below or email them to me.

Boys’ Life goes digital

Oh, and one quick reminder: You can get Boys’ Life magazine delivered to your tablet and smartphone — in addition to your mailbox, of course — 12 times a year.

Download the Boys’ Life app from your smartphone or tablet’s app store by searching for “Boys’ Life.”

And go here to subscribe.

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