How Scouts, Explorers in North Texas are supporting Dallas Police

For decades, the Dallas-based Circle Ten Council and the Dallas Police Department have been partners in developing young people into responsible adults.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown is a member of the council’s board of directors, and 371 young men and young women are members of Explorer posts associated with the Dallas Police. Dozens of Dallas Police officers first considered law enforcement as a career option through Circle Ten’s Exploring program.

After last week’s deadly ambush in Dallas, Circle Ten Council Scouts and Explorers have reaffirmed their support for men and women in uniform.

In an open letter to the Scouting community, Circle Ten — led by Scout Executive Pat Currie — says Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Explorers have attended candlelight vigils and memorial services across North Texas to remember the five fallen officers.

Randall Stephenson and Scouts at memorial service

In the photo above, you can see Randall Stephenson, the AT&T CEO who took over as BSA president in May, at the July 12 memorial service in Dallas. He was there with Scouts from Circle Ten.

Packs, troops, posts, teams, ships and crews have held moments of silence before meetings and have placed American flags at police stations. The council has heard reports of units completing service projects at police stations across North Texas — and doing so without seeking any publicity or press coverage. They’re doing Good Turns not to make headlines but simply because they want to help in any way they can.

Circle Ten encourages all Scouts — not just those in North Texas — to “support your local police departments and show your support of DPD in a manner that fits within your Scouting unit.”

Operation Blue Shield

The council was one of the first organizations to partner with Operation Blue Shield, a movement that started in Dallas and is spreading nationwide. Operation Blue Shield aims “to create, promote and fund programs designed to bring about the progressive change, trust and unity that our communities and our nation so desperately needs.”

Operation Blue Shield’s goal is summarized on its website: “Simply put, safe neighborhoods are successful neighborhoods, and we all have a role to play.”

The national outlook

Exploring, a career-education program for young men and young women 14 to 21 years old, provides real-world career experiences for young adults. Law Enforcement Exploring is one of the program’s 12 career fields.

Exploring’s national resurgence has been exciting to watch, and more Explorers and Explorer posts in communities across the country will mean even more opportunities to partner with excellent institutions — institutions like the Dallas Police Department.

The social media coverage

Stephenson photo via Circle Ten’s Brandi Mantz.

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