Vice President Joe Biden, a former Boy Scout, says Scouting teaches ‘valuable life lessons’

Vice President Joe Biden says Scouting teaches young people “many valuable life lessons.”

Scouts “acquire numerous important skills, adopt guiding principles, and forge new and lasting friendships.”

And how does he know all this?

“Because I was once a Boy Scout,” Biden writes.

Our nation’s second-ranking executive shared these thoughts in March 2016 in a congratulatory letter to a new Eagle Scout in the Northern New Jersey Council.

Leslie, the volunteer in charge of Eagle Scout courts of honor for Troop 104 of Wayne, N.J., shared the letter with me.

Take a look: 

Joe Biden Eagle Scout letter

Letter from Vice President Dick Cheney

Because this blog maintains strict politician neutrality, here’s a 2001 letter from former Vice President Dick Cheney to an Eagle Scout.

Dick Cheney Eagle Scout letter


How to write to Vice President Biden

Here’s the address, courtesy of the U.S. Scouting Service Project:

Vice President Joseph Biden
Old Executive Office Building
Washington, DC 20501


  1. I appreciate the politician neutrality. It is sad that you have to point this out, especially as scouts. Image if we had multiple parties that have held this office and the number of letters you would be digging up.

  2. Joe Biden > Hillary Clinton….his decency is reflected in this letter and in how he conducts himself and I do not agree with him politically.

  3. VP Biden may have been a Scout but he certainly did not learn anything about properly handling a shotgun from Scouts.

      • No, I meant VP Biden. Don’t you remember his comments about shooting a double barrel in the air to scare away robbers?

        • Which was silly, but perhaps not as bad as actually shooting a hunting partner in the face as former Vice President Cheney did. Perhaps safe shotgun handling should be a requirement for all future Vice Presidents?

    • Eagle Scouts can request letters from almost any public figure from the President down. All they have to do is ask.

  4. no it has not be relegated to the VP’s Office. You Can get one from Both the President and Vice President As I Did I got Mine from G. W. And Laura Bush and another one from Richard Dick Cheney. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them politically it is a noble gesture.

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