Morgan Freeman honored by Boy Scout council in Mississippi

Morgan-Freeman-selfie-with-Boy-ScoutIt seems as if Morgan Freeman has done it all.

He helped train an aspiring boxer in Million Dollar Baby. He befriended a prisoner in The Shawshank Redemption. He performed the title task in Driving Miss Daisy.

But earlier this month, the Oscar-winning actor tried something new: He spent an evening with a bunch of Scouts and Scouters.

On Feb. 12, 2016, Freeman received the BSA’s Distinguished Citizen Award from the Yocona Area Council in northeast Mississippi.

As first reported on Scouting Wire, Freeman was a guest of honor at the council’s awards dinner.

Though he was born in Memphis, Tenn., Freeman’s roots are in Mississippi. Many of his ancestors are buried there, and he had his first acting role in the state — the lead in a school play at age 8.

At the dinner, Freeman sat down to chat, no doubt entrancing the audience with his seasoned narrator’s voice. He has been nominated for five Academy Awards and won one (Million Dollar Baby), which made him more than qualified to share some advice for any young actors in the audience.

“I talk to young people all the time, especially those who want to be actors,” the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal quoted him as saying. “I tell them first of all, you don’t want to be an actor, you are one. And I tell them there is one sure way to fail in this life, and that is to quit.”

That’s great advice for all Scouts — aspiring actors or not.

Councils present the Distinguished Citizen Award to individuals who have contributed significantly to their communities.

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