What is Scouting for Food?

Scouting-101-logoAs Scouts, we know how fortunate we are to have a warm meal every night — whether around the campfire or at the kitchen table. And we know that not everyone is so lucky.

That’s the genesis of Scouting for Food, the annual food-collection drive run by your local council. It’s another reminder to our local communities that Scouts are here, doing good turns.

Your local council sets the date of Scouting for Food. In some councils, it’s in November or December. Others hold their drives in January, February or March. Check your council website to see when your council holds its drive.

Scouting for Food takes place on two consecutive weekends. On the first weekend, Scouts distribute bags and/or door hangers to let their neighbors know about the drive. On the second, Scouts revisit those houses to pick up bags full of canned food, cereal, pasta, peanut butter, juice and other nonperishable items.

The food is delivered to needy families all throughout the council’s borders.

In the past I have shared tips for improving your Scouting for Food effort. Today, I want to help you spread the word about Scouting for Food. 

Social media images

Use these on Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word that a Scouting for Food drive is coming to your community.







“Thank you” fliers

To help thank those who give to Scouting for Food, the BSA has produced these customizable fliers:


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