Sliced apples turning brown? Try this camp cooking hack

You were just trying to be prepared by slicing your apples ahead of time. It was going to make that Dutch oven cobbler so much easier once you got to the campsite.

But when you retrieve them from the cooler, they’ve taken on an unappetizing brown hue.

And to think it all could’ve been prevented.

Next time, try this camp cooking hack, courtesy of Scouting volunteer Larry Green. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Find your favorite apple. This step is pretty easy.


2. Peel the apple.


3. Cut the apple into slices using a knife or apple slicer.


4. Place the slices a nice water bath.


5. Seal the water-and-apple container.


6. Place the sealed container in a cooler and add ice. When it’s time, enjoy your fresh, brown-free apples.


Why does this work? Immersing the apples in water prevents their exposure to air, preserving color and freshness.

Note: This isn’t just great to stop sliced apples turning brown. It also works with potatoes.

Watch the video

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Green, you might remember, is the Scout volunteer behind the dishwashing rackwater-boiling gadget and paper towel hack I shared previously.

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