Dishwashing rack made from hiking poles? Ingenious!

If your Scouts still set up their three-pot dishwashing system on a picnic table or the ground, it’s time for an upgrade.

One volunteer’s design for a Scout dishwashing rack made out of hiking poles holds wash basins at Scout height — and frees up picnic tables for other things.

Better yet, the dishwashing rack doesn’t cost much to build, breaks down easily and is a fun pioneering project.

The mastermind here is Larry Green, a BSA volunteer who created a design that uses 10 hiking poles (aka Scout staves), some lashing rope and three basic wash basins. That’s one basin with hot soapy water, one with hot clean water and one with very hot water containing an environmentally friendly chemical agent for sanitizing.

Larry has designed the dishwashing gadget with enough supports to withstand the weight of water-filled basins. He does so with $6 poles from and 18-quart Sterilite basins from Walmart.

For the step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures, see Larry’s post on Scout – Pioneering, an unofficial blog.


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