See’s Candies makes fundraising delicious and profitable


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There’s only one thing wrong with a See’s Candies fundraiser. You and your Scouts will want to eat all the delicious chocolates, lollypops and candies yourselves, leaving nothing to sell.

Assuming you can exercise the appropriate amount of willpower, a See’s Candies fundraiser is the perfect way for packs, troops, teams and crews to raise money for Scouting activities.

The American-made products have no added preservatives and are phenomenally tasty. I’m speaking from experience here.

See’s sent us some samples a few weeks ago, and the goodies didn’t last long. Our impromptu focus group of magazine editors, myself included, kept returning to the stash again and again. Everything was gone the next day.

Here are five more reasons to try a See’s fundraiser.

Great profits, year-round

What good is a fundraiser where you don’t raise any funds? With See’s, your Scout unit will keep up to 50 percent of the profits on each sale.

Good selection

Pretty much everyone has a few bucks to spend on some delicious candy, especially if they’re supporting Scouting at the same time.

That’s why See’s offers a variety of price points and products for everyone. They have assorted chocolates for about $20 that make great holiday gifts. They have $2 bars your customers can enjoy right away.

See’s has year-round fundraisers in addition to some seasonal ones — Winter, Valentine’s Day and Spring.

Quality with every bite

See’s Candies, around since 1921, sells only American-made treats. They were founded in sunny California, and their headquarters are still there today.

The candies themselves have no added preservatives. This is quality you can taste.

Tools to help your fundraiser

See’s offers free tools and materials to help you earn the most profits for your Scout unit.

That means order forms, envelopes and bags to distribute candy — everything’s included, meaning you can get started right when the shipment of chocolatey goodness arrives.

Have questions before or during the fundraiser? The friendly customer service agents at See’s are a click or call away.

Options, so you can sell your way

Scouts love options. They choose which adventure loops or merit badges to earn and which camps to visit.

A See’s fundraiser gives you options. You can choose Pre-Sell, Fast Cash or Yum-Raising.

In Pre-Sell, you collect orders and money up front before buying candy. Then you distribute the items after See’s sends them to you.

In Fast Cash, you buy bulk cartons up front and sell the individual items. Your unit gets to keep all the cash you earn.

In Yum-Raising, See’s gives your unit its own online shop, through which you can promote, manage and track sales.

Ready to get started?

Visit the See’s Candies website to learn more, and get ready to taste success.

And hurry! For a limited time, See’s is offering two free gift certificates with every $500 spent. Find more details by clicking here.


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