10 ways a Mickman Brothers fundraiser can bring your unit a happy holidays


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In 1934, Grandma Mickman started making wreaths that brightened the spirits of anyone who received one.

Eighty-one years later, the Mickman Brothers — John and Chris — have built on Grandma’s holiday tradition by bringing joy to Scout packs, troops, teams, ships and crews looking to raise money for their Scouting adventures.

The Mickman Brothers’ Christmas Wreath Fundraising Program is designed to allow Scouts to support their activities in a fun, simple, no-risk way.

Here are 10 reasons why a Mickman Brothers fundraiser makes sense for your Scout unit:

1. There’s no risk.

There are no minimums. Products are presold and paid for after you receive payment from your customers.

2. You’ll maximize your profits.

You set your own prices. Customers make from $5 to $10 or more for each item sold.

3. You’ll minimize your effort.

Evergreen decorations arrive fully decorated, meaning you won’t have to waste a Saturday putting everything together. Translation: Less time fundraising, more time Scouting.

4. You’ll get a dedicated assistant.

Have questions? A customer service rep assigned to each Scout unit is there to help.

5. You get flexibility.

Mickman Brothers offers three different fundraising opportunities:

  1. A traditional fundraiser
  2. A direct-ship program
  3. An online fundraiser

Some units pick one; many choose all three. It just depends on how your unit wants to run its fundraiser.

6. The products are great.

These are the kinds of products you’ll want in your own home this Christmas. You’ll offer proven best-sellers — each with excellent value and high profit margins.

7. Everything comes fresh.

Mickman Brothers offers the highest-quality, freshest products. Your Scouts will be proud to sell and deliver them.

8. The details aren’t ignored …

Mickman Brothers’ attention to detail is incredible. This even includes the patented packaging they use to protect products during shipping and handling.

9. … and neither is the environment.

For every holiday gift product sold, Mickman Brothers plants a tree in the recipient’s name. So far more than 500,000 trees have been planted in 42 states.

10. Mickman is loved by fundraising groups and customers.

A 98 percent customer satisfaction rate says a lot. So does the $80 million Mickman Brothers has helped organizations raise since 1975.

Learn more

To learn more about the fundraising opportunities offered by Mickman Brothers Holiday Fundraiser, click here.

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    We have used this company for many years, like popcorn, is this an ‘official’ sponsor?
    Is there a list of the other ‘OFFICIAL’ sponsors that BSA either has made deals to lower costs or that we get a kickback from?
    Is there a benefit to the individual Units for using these sponsors?

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