The summer of Scouting 2015: What did your pack, troop, team or crew do?

Tuesday-TalkbackWith field trips, summer camps, museum sleepovers, backpacking excursions, Philmont hikes, Northern Tier treks, Sea Base adventures, Summit Bechtel Reserve experiences, NOAC, a world jamboree and so much more, it’s safe to call summer 2015 the Summer of Scouting.

For this Tuesday Talkback, I gotta know: Where did the summer take you? What were your Scouting highlights?

Brian M., an assistant Scoutmaster, gave me the idea by email. He wanted to know what other packs, troops, teams and crews did this summer. Perhaps just because it’s cool to see how other units spent June, July and August. Or perhaps to get ideas for future Scouting summer fun.

So go ahead, tell us! 

Photo by W. Garth Dowling

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