Connecticut woman needs help locating MacGyver-like Boy Scout hero

A Connecticut woman who locked her keys in her car was rescued by a helpful Boy Scout who combined resourcefulness and dexterity to save the day.

And now the woman wants your help giving the Scout the recognition he didn’t ask for but certainly deserves.

As reported last week in the Greenwich (Conn.) Time newspaper, Mary Jennings went to take a walk and immediately realized she had locked her keys inside the car. A worker at the nearby concession stand tried but failed to get her car open.

That’s when a Boy Scout walked by.

James, identified only by his first name, saw the stranger in need and offered to help. With his mom’s OK, James and Jennings went to her car. James, using skills you might see on the television shows MacGyver and Minute To Win It, slid a bent coat hanger through the crack in the window.

He positioned it just right and fished out the keys, which were sitting in the center console drink holder.

“Success! And all was well,” Jennings wrote in her letter to the paper. She continues:

James’ mother told me he is a Boy Scout. If anyone knows James’ family or who his Scout leader is, please pass along my appreciation. James exhibited all of the qualities of an outstanding Boy Scout. He was most helpful and resourceful in volunteering and helping me in my distress. For this I am extremely grateful!

Help recognize James

Is James in your troop or a neighboring troop? If so, leave a comment below.

Wherever you’re from, let’s give this resourceful, selfless Scout a hearty cheer.

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