Send me congratulatory letters, photos and postcards received by Eagle Scouts

Athletes, politicians, astronauts, movie stars, religious leaders, authors and business executives have one thing in common: If you ask, they might send a letter of congratulations to the new Eagle Scout in your life.

These Eagle congratulations letters fascinate me for two reasons: One, they thrill new Eagle Scouts who see that someone famous took the time to send them a letter. (Sure, some are form letters, but it’s the thought that counts.)

And two, by reading these letters you often learn about the previously undeclared positive feelings the famous person has toward Scouting and Eagle Scouts.

Blog readers have told me about letters, signed photos and postcards received from an eclectic list of people, such as Mike Rowe, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Homer Hickam, Chuck Norris (see above!), Steven Spielberg, Shaquille O’Neal, Morgan Freeman, Jackie Chan, Coretta Scott King, Jeff Foxworthy and more.

I told you how to request these letters in 2012, and I shared a big batch of them in 2013. I think it’s time for another round.

So check the mailbox, dig out the scrapbooks and fire up the scanner. Here’s how to send your Scout’s Eagle congratulations letters to me:

  1. Scan or take a photo of the congratulatory note.
  2. Email it to, using the subject line “Eagle letter.”
  3. I’ll use Photoshop to digitally remove the Eagle’s last name and address before posting on the blog.


  1. Interesting. In three requests no response ever from the Obama White House. Nor chuck Norris, who may well have been overwhelmed by the requests after the last article.

    • You have to go through the website for the President and some cabinet officials. Mail works for most others. The President (regardless of who is in office) sends a card.

      • Not a newbie, it was not the first time I’ve requested, just the only time it was ignored.

        Don’t get me wrong, the kid got a lot, but when you send the request three times with no response you get a bit upset.

    • The autographed Chuck Norris photo above would now cost $110.00 + shipping. Mr. Norris was inundated with requests, so wisely he set it up so the money for Scout letters or autographed photos would go to his foundation for kids. We donated $10 to the foundation to get their basic photocopied letter.

  2. I had one Eagle Scout write to Betty White and he got a hand written letter back from her congratulating him on his achievement. He had it framed and on prominent display at his Eagle Court of Honor.

  3. Check out the link to “Check out 30 of the coolest Eagle Scout letters I’ve seen”. Enjoy all of the examples, but drill down to the letter from Mike Rowe. That is a real attitude adjuster. I love it. I need it. Thanks.

  4. Our son is about to have his Court of Honor next month. He just received a hand signed well thought out letter from the Kendrick Brothers, Alex and Stephen. SO COOL!

  5. Chuck Norris will not send an Eagle Letter unless you make a donation:
    “For all Eagle Scout requests, please consider a donation to KickStart Kids in return for Mr. Norris’ recognition letters.
    Due to the amount of requests we receive, this gesture will be much appreciated. You may let us know by emailing or sending a copy of your receipt along with your email or letter.”

    This is on his website

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