Extreme Makeovers, Round 2: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

Note: This is the second in a series where I share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. Look for a new batch every Monday morning and see the complete collection here.

To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe.

That’s why I asked to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles must include with their post-project report.

In the collection below, you’ll see the same spot twice: Once before an Eagle Scout project began and once after.

Consider this as you scroll through: You can multiply each individual act of stupendous service by 50,000. That’s how many Eagle Scout projects get completed every single year.

TIP: Use the slider below each photo to compare before and after!

Gabe from Indiana

Who: Gabe, Troop 186, Lincoln City, Ind.

What: Gabe replaced the unsafe “before” bridge with the wider, more stable and more aesthetically pleasing “after” bridge.

Nicholas from Indiana

Who: Nicholas, Troop 264, Greenwood, Ind.

What: Nicholas removed the old benches and fire circle that was on top of the ground, leveled the area, put in longer benches that will seat more people and added a partial second row. He dug a 3-foot-deep fire pit and lined it with a ring, gravel and rocks.

Sam from Maryland

Who: Sam, Troop 523, Freeland, Md.

What: Sam tore down and rebuilt a 40-foot chicken run for First Fruits Farms, a nonprofit farm that donates all produce to food banks up and down the east coast.

Riley from Massachusetts

Who: Riley, Troop 303, South Hadley, Mass.

What: Riley replaced an old, unsafe, rickety bridge with a new, sturdy, eye-catching one.

Noah from Minnesota

Who: Noah, Troop 128, Virginia, Minn.

What: Noah cleaned more than 125 gravestones, plus other cleanup work at a cemetery.

Justin from Missouri

Who: Justin, Troop 643, St. Ann, Mo.

What: Justin built two brick planter boxes and installed an awning.

John from New Jersey

Who: John, Troop 114, Oak Ridge, N.J.

What: John constructed a 20-by-20-foot brick patio and four new 8-foot picnic tables.

Seamus from New Jersey

Who: Seamus, Troop 2, Verona, N.J.

What: Seamus built a covered bulletin board for the Verona Park Conservancy.

Tom from New Jersey

Who: Tom, Troop 114, West Milford, N.J.

What: Tom enhanced a outdoor chapel with 10 wooden benches, a cross, a lectern and a celebrant’s bench.

Dominick from New York

Who: Dominick, Troop 201, Albertson, N.Y.

What: Dominick restored a 2,000-square-foot area of a botanic garden damaged by Hurricane Sandy by clearing fallen trees, weeds and debris and planting ferns and hollies.

Ian from New York

Who: Ian, Troop 214, Smithtown, N.Y.

What: Ian replaced a wooden playset with a commercial set and added rubber mulch.

Jason from New York

Who: Jason, Troop 372, Scottsville, N.Y.

What: Jason removed old overgrown brush and poison ivy, replacing it with a memorial garden.

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