Six Eagle-required merit badge pamphlets now available in Spanish

Buenas noticias — or good news — for Spanish-speaking Scouts wanting to earn their insignias de mérito, or merit badges.

For the first time in BSA history, merit badge pamphlets are available in Spanish.

The first wave includes six Eagle-required merit badges. You can add these six pamphlets to the Boy Scout Handbook and other BSA publications that have Spanish-language editions. That’s big news as the BSA continues its efforts to bring Scouting to Hispanic markets.

What are the six merit badges with Spanish editions available now? 

Campamento, Civismo Comunitario, Comunicación, Vida en Familia, Excursionismo and Bienestar Personal are all available en español.

(For my English-speaking readers, that’s Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Communication, Family Life, Hiking and Personal Fitness.)

The pamphlets are $4.99 — same as their English counterparts. Here are the links to buy them on ScoutStuff:

Source: “Counselor’s Compass“, the official e-newsletter of the Boy Scouts of America’s Merit Badge Maintenance Task Force


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