How do we pick units to cover in Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines?

Don’t just read the excellent stories in Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines. Be the stories.

We get most of the ideas for the Scout outings featured in Boys’ Life and Scouting from Scouts and Scouters like you.

Too often we hear about great Scouting adventures after the fact. There’s nothing that frustrates a magazine editor more than the phrase “you should’ve been here last weekend.”

So if you’ve got an exciting adventure planned, let us know. Three to four months of notice is preferable.

We can’t cover everything we hear about, but for those we do select, we’ll send a professional photographer and/or writer to your event to capture what happened.

Who knows? The next time you open your mailbox you might see yourself or a Scout you know!

How to submit a story idea

Don’t worry about sending your story to every link below. For stories we select, the magazine staff works together to find the best fit for the idea.

In other words, if you send a story to Boys’ Life, we consider it for BLScouting and even Eagles’ Call magazine!

Boys’ Life magazine

Tell Boys’ Life about an upcoming Scout outing.

Tell Boys’ Life about your unit’s service project.

Scouting magazine

Tell Scouting about an upcoming Scout outing.

Photo by W. Garth Dowling.

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