LDS Scouting Handbook revised for 2014

cub-to-missionary-high-resolutionThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has updated its “Scouting Handbook” for 2014.

The May 2014 version, available online (PDF), “outlines guidelines and policies relating to Scouting programs” in the LDS church.

It specifies places where BSA policy and church policy differ and helps leaders more effectively administer Scouting in their ward.

The 2014 edition includes updates in two sections: Section 3, “Stake Leaders’ Responsibilities for Scouting” and Section 8, “Church Policies.”

The full list of sections below gives you an idea of what’s inside the eight-page document:

  1. Introduction
  2. Training and Development
  3. Stake Leaders’ Responsibilities for Scouting
  4. Ward Leaders’ Responsibilities for Scouting
  5. Scouting in the Aaronic Priesthood
  6. Scouting in Primary
  7. Awards and Recognition
  8. Church Policies

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H/T: Thanks to Mark Francis, Director of LDS-BSA Relationships, for the tip.

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