Why a new-parent orientation is a must for your Cub Scout pack

cubcast-logoYou know how to welcome the new Cub Scouts who will join your pack this fall.

But what about their parents?

The August 2014 edition of CubCast reveals just that. It tells you why every Cub Scout pack should hold a new-parent orientation the night of their recruitment event.

CubCast’s guest this month is Dr. Geoff Zoeller, professional educator, Cubmaster and the vice president of membership and relations for the Patriots’ Path Council in New Jersey.

He argues that many experienced Cub Scouters forget what it’s like to be a new Cub Scout parent.

“It’s something that so many units overlook,” he says. “We take for granted as Scouting insiders that everybody knows what the Scouting program really is about. It’s really important to have parent orientation so we can explain who we are.”

In the podcast Zoeller outlines several topics for you to cover at the new-parent orientation:

  • Describing program
  • Discussing expectations
  • Showing what parents will need to purchase
  • Explaining national and local registration processes and fees
  • Making connections with individuals
  • Answering questions
  • Sharing the expected time commitment for parents and Cub Scouts

Zoeller suggests you hold your new-parent orientation the same night of your recruitment event.

That way you’re sure every new parent will attend and have his or her questions answered and expectations clarified.

Listen to the latest CubCast here.

What do you think?

Do you hold a new-parent orientation? When? And how do you make it successful?

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