Tuesday Talkback: How do you get other Scouters to get trained?

Tuesday-TalkbackRandy has tried begging, peer pressure and guilt-tripping, but no matter what the Scoutmaster does, he still can’t get every adult in Troop 339 trained.

“I have a handful of parents in my troop who say they don’t have time to get trained,” he writes. “How do I show them the value of training? I feel like I’ve tried everything.”

Sound familiar?

The BSA’s training continuum, which begins with mandatory Youth Protection training and continues through high-level courses like Wood Badge, help turn run-of-the-mill parents into Scouting superheroes.

But in training, like anything in life, 95 percent of success comes from just showing up.

For today’s Tuesday Talkback, answer this: How do you get reluctant adult leaders to attend online and in-person training? Leave a comment to help Scouters like Randy with this important problem.

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