Chill out! Philmont’s open in the winter, too

One night in a snow shelter, and you’ll be hooked.

I’m speaking from experience. In 2000, I attended Kanik, Philmont’s winter offering, with Troop 1776.

The crisp morning air, the snow-covered mountains, and good friends — all in a setting unlike any I had seen. Sure, I had been to Philmont a couple times before 2000, but those trips were in the summer. Seeing Scouting’s paradise covered with an impossibly white layer of snow made this trip unforgettable.

It’s like taking your favorite dessert and adding a layer of icing. Very sweet indeed. 

Twelve years later, Philmont’s winter program has gotten even better. Now simply known as Philmont Winter Adventure, the late-December-to-March program offers groups of six to 12 participants a taste of cold-weather camping in the coolest place on earth.

That means snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and the opportunity to spend the night in your own snow shelter like I did. Also, for the first time, participants can complete all of the requirements for the Snow Sports merit badge and several of the requirements for the new Search and Rescue merit badge.

Winter is coming, and registration for Philmont Winter Adventure is now open. Find all the details, including fees, age requirements, and application info, at the Philmont Winter Adventure site.

Photo: Some rights reserved by ashpags

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