How Cubcast can make you a better leader on your drive to work

In the July 2012 episode, you’ll learn how to teach Cub Scouts to be honest.

Listen up: A simple download of the Boy Scouts of America’s Cubcast, an audio podcast featuring how-to topics for Cub Scout leaders and parents, can improve your pack or den.

Sync Cubcast to your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or favorite MP3 player before your next commute, and watch the miles fly by as your knowledge of the Cub Scout program grows.

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What is Cubcast?

I confess that even though the Cubcast has been around since 2007, I just recently learned about it.

But after listening to a few episodes, I see what I’ve been missing. The podcasts have exceptional production values and feature important news, useful tips, and interviews with top-notch BSA volunteers and professionals.

Are you new to the Cubcast like me? Don’t worry. That just means that dozens of past months’ episodes are new to us.

Find archived Cubcasts here.

You can download the MP3 files to load onto your smartphone or media player. Simply right-click the link next to the words “MEDIA ENCLOSURE” and save the MP3 file link. Then sync it to your smartphone or MP3 player like you would any regular song.

July 2012’s episode

This month, the two-part Cubcast discusses Honesty and revisits the ScoutParents program. Here’s the BSA’s description of the episode:

Part 1: Honesty

Honesty defines the moral character of a person perhaps more than any other attribute. We here at the BSA are all about character building, so Michelle Gee, council supplemental training chairman for the Last Frontier Council in Oklahoma City, is bringing us great ideas on giving our Cub Scouts the perfect foundation for building their own character with this monthly Core Value.

Part 2: ScoutParents Revisited

Scouting is dependent on interested leaders and interested parents. John Copley, leader of the National Council Volunteer Development Committee’s ScoutParents task force, joins us to explain how we can use the ScoutParents program to help keep that interest to recruit and retain leaders, parents, and ultimately Cub Scouts.

What do you think?

How do you use Cubcast to stay up-to-date on everything Cub Scouting? Leave your thoughts below.

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