In his latest book, accomplished Eagle Scout takes you inside the world of naval aviation

Eagle Scout Alvin Townley has a knack for finding compelling stories.

Like Legacy of Honor, his 2007 look at what it means to be an Eagle Scout, told through profiles of some remarkable men.

Or Spirit of Adventure, the 2009 story of Eagle Scouts who are shaping America’s future every day.

The tradition continues in 2011 with Townley’s third book, Fly Navy, which debuts today.

In honor of the official Centennial of Naval Aviation, Townley spent much of 2010 embedded with some of the men and women “who have worked together to launch aircraft off carrier flight decks for the past 100 years.”

The result of thousands of miles, several carrier landings, and conversations with heroes from the past and present? “A more inspiring and more personal story than I’d ever imagined,” Townley says.

Like the 20-year-old plane captain who shows Townley the Navy’s life-changing power. Or the former prisoner of war who survived 2,383 days of captivity in Vietnam.

There’s the helicopter crew that tells Townley of a harrowing rescue or the Navy wife who knows the importance of support from home.

Like his previous books, Townley again takes time to spotlight some American heroes.

Find Fly Navy at all major bookstores or online booksellers.

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