Take a look at some of my favorite troop trailers


There are some great troop trailers out there, but the best of all? That’s gotta be the one from Troop 1776.

When I asked for photos of your unit’s trailer last week and got the photo above from Patrick Adams, I knew I had found my favorite.

OK, OK. I better come clean.

I’m a Troop 1776 graduate, and Mr. Adams was my first Scoutmaster. So maybe I’m a little biased.

Still, the trailer has what every well-designed Scout trailer needs:

  • A striking design
  • The troop’s name and location
  • A phone number or Web site where prospective Scouts can get more information
Troop 1776’s trailer has it all, but it isn’t the only Boy Scout trailer that looks great.

Over the past week, Scouters have sent me photos of their trailers. Some are simple, some are elaborate, but all do the job well.

Here’s a slideshow with some of my favorites:

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