National Museum of American History digs out its BSA artifacts

Smithsonian-shirt If you were in the Boy Scouts of America as a boy, chances are good that you've developed a healthy collection of Scouting memorabilia. Whether it's your Cub Scout uniform covered in plastic and hanging in a closet or your Eagle Scout pin presented prominently on your mantle, you've surely formed a special bond with the items from your time in the program.

That unique relationship between Scouts and their "stuff" formed the basis for a recent blog post on the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History Web site. In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the BSA, the museum pulled out its Scouting-related artifacts to share with everyone.

Many of these items, such as David Loewenwarter's shirt, seen here, were donated from the personal collections of former Scouts like you, and the museum has tagged and preserved these items for future generations to enjoy.

Check out the museum's blog post, and then tell us: What's your most prized Scouting possession?

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