Follow the 2010 National Scout Jamboree from wherever you are

JambologoTechnology has changed quite a bit since 2005, the year of the last BSA jamboree.

In December of that year, Facebook added its 5.5 millionth member. Today it has 500 million.

Twitter didn't exist at the last jamboree. The 140-character craze wouldn't begin until the next year.

And in the world of gadgets, October of 2005 saw the introduction of the first iPod to play video. Apple's new device had a 2.5-inch screen, held 30 GB of content, and sold for $299.

A lot has changed in five years, hasn't it?

During next week's 2010 National Scout Jamboree, Scouts and Scouters from anywhere in the country will stay connected in unprecedented ways. A Scout at the jamboree can post photos to Facebook while hanging out at camp, and a Scouter in California can follow jamboree-related Tweets to pass the time during a dull office meeting. And they can do it while using a cell phone or smartphone that probably cost less than that comparatively puny iPod from 2005.

Also gone from 2005 are the dead zones of cell coverage at Fort A.P. Hill. This time, AT&T will provide a cellular and Wi-Fi network for participants, visitors, and staff.

Yes, this will be the first fully digital jamboree. But you don't have to be in Fort A.P. Hill, Va., to experience the excitement. 

Here's how to stay connected with what's happening at the jamboree from opening day on Monday all the way till the tents are packed up on Aug. 4:

On Cracker Barrel:

Scouting magazine's blog will be your best resource for daily news and features straight from Fort A.P. Hill. The Cracker Barrel team will be on site to bring you breaking news, interviews, and photos about what makes the jamboree experience so unique.

We know that most of our readers won't be attending the jamboree, so our posts will be designed to help you use information from the event to make your pack, troop, or crew even better.

On Twitter:

Scouting magazine and Cracker Barrel's official Twitter account, @scouting, will be quite active during the jamboree. That's where we'll post short items and photos that won't make it onto the blog. You'll also want to be following @boyscouts, the BSA's official Twitter account.

Do you plan to Tweet jamboree-related messages during the event, or do you want to read what others are saying? Search for or use these official hashtags:

On Facebook:

Be sure to bookmark Scouting magazine's Facebook page and the official Boy Scouts of America Facebook page. Both will be very active during the jamboree.

Also, your Scouts might be interested in checking out the official page for Boys' Life magazine.

With daily blog updates on Cracker Barrel, numerous Tweets, and posts to Facebook, we think you'll get your fix of jamboree information—even if you're thousands of miles from Virginia.

Occasions like these only come around once every few years, so don't miss out on the excitement!

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