U.S. Mint reveals design for BSA 100th Anniversary coin


Heads up, coin collectors! The U.S. Mint has unveiled its
final design for the Boy Scouts of America’s Centennial Silver Dollar.

The obverse (heads) side shows a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and
Venturer, and the reverse (tails) side depicts the BSA’s iconic fleur-de-lis emblem. Some of the inscriptions are ones you’re used
to seeing on a coin: “In God We Trust,” “Liberty,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

The rest of the text is unique to Scouting: “Be Prepared”
and “Continuing the Journey.” The former, of course, is the Scout Motto, and
the latter is a nod to the BSA’s 100th Anniversary slogan: “Celebrating the
Adventure, Continuing the Journey.”

The Mint's first run will produce just 350,000 of these commemorative
coins. So don’t delay getting your hands on one when they’re released in March.
At that time, you can place an order through the U.S. Mint’s Web site or by calling its toll-free number: 800-USA-MINT. Just don’t
expect to find one among the change you get from your Starbucks latte. They
will only be available in proof and uncirculated versions.

Need another excuse to order one? Consider this: The
surcharges collected from the sale of each coin will go to the Boy Scouts of
America National Foundation, which helps bring Scouting to underserved
communities. That's $3.5 million to a very worthy cause.

The commemorative coin represents just the latest in a
growing list of 100th Anniversary keepsakes. It joins the “Celebrate Scouting”
stamp, due out in July, and the apparel and souvenir items
available now through the BSA Supply Group.

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