Is this campsite a hotspot?

Two weeks ago, we blogged about troops that ban
or limit cell phone use by their Scouts. Several of you responded with your
reasons for forbidding their use at camp—from the wall of isolation they create
to the risk of losing or breaking the pricey gadgets.

Now we’d like to know your thoughts about another digital
dilemma: wireless access for leaders and staff members at camp.

We ask because a recent story in the Omaha World-Herald tells about Camp Cedars, near
Fremont, Neb., where staffers and adult volunteers have had wireless access to
the Internet for three years.

Camp officials there decided that it would be a good way for
parents to keep in touch with their jobs or family while at summer camp. It
also gives staff members the ability to stay connected during six-week (or
longer) stints away from home.

Granted, it’s a far leap from the classic handwritten
postcard home. But it’s a sign of Scouting’s firm embrace of technology.

You’ve heard the facts, and now it’s your turn to weigh in.
We want to know: Is this technological transformation good for Scout camps?
Does your local camp offer Wi-Fi? To reply, simply add your comment below.

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