Knot of the Week: Asian-American Spirit of Scouting Service Award


Scouting’s diversity helps boys learn what it means to be an
American. And the BSA embraces that fact by encouraging the growth of the
program in underserved communities.

That commitment became even more noticeable in 2004 with the
Asian-American Spirit of Scouting
Service Award
. The award has a simple purpose: to honor adults who
demonstrate steadfast devotion to bringing Scouting opportunities to
Asian-American youth.

The award, available to people of any race, is a national
award. But each local council submits nominees to the national BSA office. Once
approved, worthy Scouters receive the purple, black, and white knot at a
meaningful ceremony in their community.

More important than the knot, though, is the act of sharing
the BSA’s values with youth who otherwise might not have known about

For the application and more information, click here (PDF).

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