Knot of the Week: ¡Scouting… Vale La Pena! Service Award


Scouting is universal. No matter where you go in the
country, you’ll see Scouts of every religion, race, and socioeconomic level.

In honor of the BSA’s desire to encourage development of
Scouting programs in Hispanic communities, the ¡Scouting…
Vale La Pena! Service Award
was introduced. The Spanish phrase in the
award’s name translates to “worth the effort,” and the award’s recipients are
individuals who believe that bringing Scouting to Hispanic youth is indeed just

People of all races can receive the square knot, but each
council’s annual quota of awards can’t exceed the number of districts in the

The award’s application is available in English and Spanish,
and it stresses that an individual’s accomplishments are more important than
his or her tenure in Scouting. If you or someone you know has helped improve
the Scouting program in a Hispanic community, check out the application for
more details
 (link opens PDF).

Nominees are submitted to local councils who screen
applicants and forward worthy Scouters to the national office. Good luck, and gracias for all you do for Scouting.

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