Scouting magazine wins two AEP awards

You don’t mind if we toot our own horn for just a second, do

Scouting magazine
picked up two Distinguished Achievement awards over the weekend from the Association
of Education Publishers

Our own John Clark, Scouting
magazine’s senior editor, won for his money-management article, “Shut Down the
Parental ATM
,” which appeared in our October 2008 issue. The piece
grabbed the award for best Interview/Profile in the adult periodical division.

We also won best Article Design in the same division for “Guys
Read Guy Books,” a look at the challenges of motivating young male readers. You
can read that story here, but to see the award-winning design in
its original format, you’ll want to dig up your September 2008 issue and flip
to page 26.

Congratulations to our design team—Scott Feaster and Beth
Morgan—and to our photography staff—John Fulton and Edna Lemons—for their work
on this story.

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