Knot of the Week: Seabadge


We at Cracker Barrel are landlocked here in Irving, Tex.
Because of that, we must admit feeling some envy when we hear about the Sea

This specialized division of Venturing takes the Scouting
experience to the water. How cool is that? Sea Scouts learn maritime history,
practice boating techniques, and engender longing from those of us on dry land.

But despite our geographical differences, Sea Scouts share
our commitment to core Scouting values. Their leaders go through a training
program like Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing volunteers. It’s called the
Seabadge Course, and afterward they’ve earned the trident-shaped Seabadge.

Sea Scout leaders at the ship, district, council, regional,
or national level must be nominated to participate. Once that happens, the Scouter can take the three-day resident Seabadge Course and earn the square

Now take a look at the Seabadge award itself. Much like the
District Award of Merit and Silver World Award, the Seabadge isn’t
actually a square knot. Instead, it’s a blue trident like the one held by
Neptune, the Roman god of the sea.

Want a trident for your own Sea Scout uniform? Or just
interested in more info about Sea Scouts? Check with your local council service

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